6 High-Waisted Bikinis That'll Have You Dashing to the Pool

Thinking about wearing a bikini can be daunting, but we've nailed the most stylish two-pieces that almost feel like a one-piece.

The trick is picking a high-waisted style—and the six options below will have you more excited than ever to throw on these skin-baring ensembles:

Floral Print, Ruffled Edges and Vertical Lines

The floral number below is a three-punch for coverage. The vertical lines make your torso seem longer, the floral patterns distract from your tummy area and the ruffled edges provide another layer of depth and cover.

high waisted floral bikini(via ASOS)


Belted Bottoms

This belted bottom number fits high above your belly button. This feature gives the illusion of a two-piece, with enough coverage to feel like you're wearing a one-piece suit. The belt also helps cinch the waist, giving the wearer an hourglass illusion. The lines on this particular print are very flattering and can help elongate the torso.

high waisted striped bikini

(via Forever 21)


Ruched Bottoms

This particular white number gives the wearer the confidence of a one-piece with the look of a retro bikini. The ruched bottoms are flattering for all body types and are comfortable enough to wear all beach-day long. The bikini top offers more support than a one-piece and is perfect for larger chests. The style offers a ton of coverage for your backside while the few inches of visible skin on your waist keep the style light.

white high waisted bikini

(via Forever 21)


Ornamented Tops and Bottoms

This yellow two-piece is accented with 3D printed flowers that flank both the waist and bikini top. When being hesitant about wearing a two-piece, distractions like bulky flowers or ruffles help the wearer feel as if they have more coverage.

hwprinted-body-061018(via ASOS)


Gathered Bottoms

Another trick-of-the-trade for pulling off a two-piece is opting for a bottom that gives the wearer coverage options. This particular style can be gathered at the sides and altered to fit your body. Go long if you prefer more coverage, gather it at the top if you are comfortable with a "French cut" look.

high waisted striped bikini(via Forever 21)


Low Halter Top

A great way to achieve additional coverage from a bikini is opting for a halter-style top that sits low. The style below offers a few more inches of coverage from the halter, while the high-waisted bottoms finish the look. These dimensions offer similar coverage to a one-piece but with the look of a fun bikini.

girl in floral bikini(via ASOS)


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