Highway Don't Care is Taylor Swift's Newest Music Video!

Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw have teamed up for a new song and music video called "Highway Don't Care!"

Taylor Swift in Highway Don't Care

"Highway Don't Care" features not just Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift, but also Keith Urban on guitar! While Taylor and Keith recorded their portions of the video in a studio, Tim's part was filmed on a beautiful but gloomy road near Nashville.

"It's about somebody driving in a car," Tim said in a behind-the-scenes clip. " Taylor's part that she sings is really a song coming through the radio."

Taylor Swift onscreen in Highway Don't Care!

"I knew I wanted Taylor to sing that part," Tim said. "It just fit perfectly.  I've been wanted to do a song with Taylor for a long time, and it was cool that it wasn't a romantic interest. It really made it interesting to me for Taylor to do that part.

The song is about a rough spot in a relationship, but in the end, love prevails.

The full video premieres on Monday. We absolutely can't wait to see Taylor in it!

Taylor Swift in front of the green screen for Highway Don't Care!