Hinamatsuri: Celebrate Japanese Girl's Day!

Today is Hinamatsuri, or Girl's Day in Japan! The holiday is celebrated every March 3 not only in Japan, but also in Florence, Italy and Hawaii.Hinamatsuri Girl's Day Japan

On this day, every year the nation gathers together to pray for the growth and happiness of young girls.

Hinamatsuri is also known as the Peach Festival, or mono no sekku, because it takes place during the peach blossom season.

On March 3, families with girls arrange hina-ningyo dolls on a red carpeted stand with seven tiers.

The dolls represent the emperor and empress, attendants and musicians, all dressed in traditional clothing from the Heian period, when ended more than 800 years ago!

The ritual ensures that girls in the family will grow up to be happy and healthy! Happy Hinamatsuri to all of our Sweetys!

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