Best Hip-Hop Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions for All Your Prom Posts

We're talking about prom here, so if you think we're gathering lyrics from our fave country crooners or metalheads, you've come to the wrong place.

We all know that hip-hop lyrics were practically made with prom in mind, amirite? From the fancy cars to the expensive jewelry, to the dance floor fun, there's really no moment from the major dance that a hip-hop lyric can't accompany.

Struggling to find one that fits? Keep reading for eight hip-hop lyrics to use as Instagram captions for all your prom posts:

For that sassy shot of you decked out in designer duds from head to toe:

"She got a lotta Prada, that Dolce & Gabbana. I can't forget Escada, and that Balenciaga."

-"Fashion Killa" by A$AP Rocky


For the photo of you twerking on the dance floor like no one's watching (with the hope that everyone's watching):

"Make a playa wanna grab that, autograph that"

-"Back That Thang Up" by Juvenile


For the post-prom after-hours shot of you and a pal breaking curfew:

" 'Cause with you, I like to stay out late, all night and all day."

-"Out Late" by Lil Yachty


For the cutesy close-up of you and your S.O. taken by one of your parents before you leave the house:

"You plus me, it equals better math"

-"Make Me Better" by Fabolous


For the shot of you and your prom group in the expensive mode of transportation you rented for the night:

"Me and my friends, we got money to spend"

-"Change Locations," by Drake and Future

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For that shot of your prom group looking thick as thieves:

No new friends, no, no new

-"No New Friends" by Drake


For the photo of you toasting to the night ahead with your BFF and a bottle of sparkling cider:

"We could toast to the good life, girl, we could have it all."

-"P.I.M.P." by 50 Cent

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For the shot of you flaunting your most blinged-out jewels that mom let you borrow for the night:

"Drip too hard, caution on the floor"

-"Drip Too Hard," by Lil Baby and Gunna


Now that you've got your captions out of the way, click HERE for the ultimate prom playlist that will help you get ready for the big event!