If You Can't Stand the Harsh Flavors of Traditional Toothpaste, Hismile Was Made for You

I can't be the only one who feels like my TikTok For You page knows way too much about me.

I often struggle with the overly harsh, minty flavor of toothpaste—often to the point where it can make me gag—but I don't think I've ever made any searches related to the topic on TikTok. Still, the app seems to just know, and served me ad after ad (and even a couple of non-sponsored posts) for a brand called Hismile, with users raving about their high-performance toothpaste with flavors for even the most sensitive palates.

Of course, I had to learn more. I reached out directly to the brand, who was kind enough to send me five different flavors of their signature toothpaste to review (and taste test). Here's what you need to know.

The Brand

Hismile is a dental brand best known for its beloved at-home, peroxide-free teeth whitening treatments, but in addition to whitening kits, strips and serums, the brand also makes toothpaste with all kinds of oral benefits—and in fun and unusual flavors. The toothpaste includes fluoride in order to make tooth enamel stronger and more decay-resistant, plus zinc lactate for plaque and tartar prevention, xylitol to further help with tooth decay and calcium glycerophosphate to promote teeth remineralization. That makes for stronger teeth, healthier gums and reduced sensitivity with regular two-minute brushes, twice a day.

For my review, I was sent their original five flavors: Watermelon, Peach Iced Tea, Mango Sorbet, Smooth Mint and Coconut Whip. Since then, the brand has also introduced a new Red Velvet flavor. Each flavor comes in a (travel-friendly) 2.1 oz. pump bottle and retails for $11 on their website, or you can buy a five-pack of your favorite flavors and get all five for the price of four at $44.

hismile toothpaste set of 5

(via Hismile)


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The Flavors

Peach Iced Tea

Since most of the TikTok videos I saw were for Hismile's Peach Iced Tea flavor, that was the one I was most curious about tasting, and thus the one I tried first. It took several pumps of the bottle to get it primed, but once I did, the bottle distributed the perfect pea-sized amount of gel to my brush, and it was ready to get started.

Immediately, I was struck by how much it really tasted like fresh, bold peach iced tea, with a fruity, well-rounded flavor that made it a pleasure to brush, but soon, another essence crept in. Despite tasting like peach tea, it still had a minty vibe, somehow. Though this was a bit odd at first, I soon got used to that flavor, and with the expectation set, it tastes quite delicious. Even better, that cool, mint feel left my mouth feeling extra clean in a way that the fruity kid toothpastes at the store never do.

I later urged my husband to try the toothpaste, and while he also enjoyed it, he did ask me why it tasted like a peach cough drop. Then it clicked. A quick review of the ingredients confirmed that menthol was giving it the cooling mint flavor I'd noted. It's definitely not a dealbreaker for me, but if you can't stand cough drops, this flavor might not be for you.

hismile toothpaste peach iced tea flavor

(via Hismile)



Next, I dove into the next flavor that piqued my interest, Watermelon. Now this is a fun, fruity summer classic that anyone can enjoy. The flavor is juicy and sweet, and while the menthol is still there to give you the clean, cool sensation, I found that the watermelon flavoring seemed to mask it entirely. If you're sensitive to flavors and looking to buy just one flavor to try, this is definitely where I'd start.

hismile toothpaste watermelon flavor

(via Hismile)


Mango Sorbet

I was really looking forward to trying the Mango Sorbet flavor, but unfortunately, I found it to be the one disappointment in the collection. On the one hand, the sensation starts in the right taste, with the authentic sweet and earthy taste of Alphonso mango, but it goes a little weird from there. For me, the overall effect is almost savory, and paired with the cooling menthol, it just doesn't work for me. At the same time, this is one of those flavors that I can see other people loving, and the overall effect is still a fresh mouth and deep clean.

hismile toothpaste mango sorbet flavor

(via Hismile)


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Coconut Whip

Now, here's a flavor I wasn'really looking forward to that wound up being an incredibly pleasant surprise. Outside of tropical drinks, coconut isn't one of my favorite flavors, but this toothpaste captures that beachy island feel with just the right amount of sweetness and a neutrality that makes it carry and complement the menthol mintiness to perfection. It's since become one of my go-to morning flavors, as it's tasty and gentle while getting my teeth squeaky clean.

hismile toothpaste coconut whip flavor

(via Hismile)


Smooth Mint

And last, but not least, was the Smooth Mint, a flavor I largely avoided because of the irritation that often comes with minty toothpaste. After my great experiences with the other flavors, I shouldn't have been surprised that this one is also mellow, delicious and sweet—more like a pillow mint than the overwhelming mints in other toothpaste. It's so good it makes me severely question what every other brand is doing with their flavors, especially because it leaves my mouth feeling just as spotless.

hismile toothpaste smooth mint flavor

(via Hismile)


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Bottom Line

At $11 per bottle, Hismile's toothpaste may not be a frugal choice for everyone, but for me, the quality ingredients and amazing flavors are well worth the cost. While I'd personally skip on the Mango Sorbet flavor, the rest are so tasty that they actually make me look forward to brushing my teeth throughout the day. If you're someone who struggles to keep to a toothbrushing routine, these great flavors just might help you get out of that funk. Even more, the toothpaste uses hard-working ingredients that don't just clean your mouth but protect and repair your teeth, and in addition to leaving my mouth feeling great, they also created a real difference compared to the kiddie toothpaste from the grocery store. If you're on the fence, I'd suggest picking one flavor that sounds tastiest, and giving it a try yourself.


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