36 Witchy Captions From Hocus Pocus 2 to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

Almost 30 years after the release of the original Hocus Pocus, its sequel, Hocus Pocus 2, is finally out on Disney+, and it's precisely what we've always wanted.

When witchy best friends Izzy and Becca are tricked into summoning the Sanderson Sisters on Halloween, the trio returns and decides to exact revenge on the reverend who cursed them by going after his descendant, the mayor. This time around, Winifred Sanderson is bent on casting a spell to grant the sisters unlimited power—but it comes at a price.

We love the way the new movie puts the sisters front and center to tell a unique tale about the power of sisterhood, and if you feel the same way, keep scrolling to discover our very favorite quotes from the movie to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when nothing goes according to plan:

"This is the worst day of my life."

-Winifred Sanderson

Hocus Pocus 2: Young Winifred Sanderson

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For playing with your favorite glue-based slime:

"I discovered if thou doth grind pig's hooves and mix it with water, it creates mysterious goo."

-Sarah Sanderson


For when you're having too much fun playing with your Jell-O:

"And look. It jiggleth."

-Sarah Sanderson


For when your worries make you lose your appetite:

"I cannot eat. I am too troubled."

-Winifred Sanderson


For when you're in a childish mood:

"She relishes in her petulance."

-Salem Villager


For when you huddle together with your best friends:

"Perhaps we should form a calming circle."

-Mary Sanderson


For when you're doing everything you can to calm down:

"Think soothing thoughts. The smell of fresh mud."

-Winifred Sanderson


For when your new relationship feels like it got some otherworldly help:

"Magic has a way of uniting things that ought to be together."

-The Witch Mother

Hocus Pocus 2: The Witch Mother

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For the shot of you and your witchy besties:

"A witch is nothing without her coven."

-The Witch Mother


For walking your followers through your extensive skincare routine:

"How else does one stay young and ridiculously beautiful?"

-The Witch Mother


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For being a little spooky and mysterious:

"Ichita copita melaka mystica."

-The Sanderson Sisters


For when you're experimenting with vegan food:

"Tempeh, soyrizo, aquafaba, garbanzo, cacao, spirulina, crimini, seitan!"


Hocus Pocus 2: Becca muttering in class

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For when your tummy hurts from all the Halloween sweets:

"Sounds like someone had a little too much candy."

-Sanderson Show Attendee


For when you intended to just buy one cute gem, but you brought home a whole haul:

"You can't just come in here for one crystal like it's any old Tuesday."



For when you're spooked in the forest:

"I still don't get why you chose the creepiest part of the woods to have a ritual."



For your camping selfie:

"It's nice to be in the comfort of nature."



For when you're doing what you can to make your dreams a reality:

"We call on thee with one request, help our intentions manifest."

-Becca and Izzy

Hocus Pocus 2: Izzy and Becca lighting candle

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For when the apple cider vinegar in your water is a little stronger than usual:

"Tastes tinkly. My favorite feeling."

-Sarah Sanderson


For when you and your squad are running amok:

"Oh, amok, amok, amok Amok, amok, amok…"

-Sarah Sanderson


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For when you're enjoying your favorite cult classic:

"They were ahead of their time and they were misunderstood."



For when you throw caution to the wind:

"Oh, fie, we have no time for warnings."

-Winifred Sanderson

Hocus Pocus 2: The Sanderson Sisters find Book

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For a delicate project where one mistake will send you back to the beginning:

"I mean, one flub and thou must start all over again."

-Mary Sanderson


For when you're enjoying a juicy big lump with knobs:

"Corn, I smell corn."

-Mary Sanderson


For when you've made caramel apples and you don't want to share:

"Would you like a poisoned apple?"

-Caramel Apple Lady


For casting a little spell to get you out of a bad situation:

"Lift the curse and let us out."



For when a place is way too crowded with small kids:

"I smell children."

-Mary Sanderson


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For when you're trying your best to let go of the past:

"'Tis unattractive to hold a grudge."

-Winifred Sanderson

Hocus Pocus 2: The Sanderson Sisters confront becca

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For when playing with things you don't understand gets you in trouble:

"This is why you shouldn't mess around with that witchery."



For clarifying when someone is being quite rude:

"Pointing out people's differences and saying that they're weird IS making fun of them."



For telling someone to shut it:

"Oh, sew up your lips, you pious, pompous dunderhead."

-Winifred Sanderson


For your best witchy scowl:

"I love the resting witch face."

-Mayor Traske


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For when teaming up allows you to accomplish some huge things:

"Power is meant to be shared."



For the pic with the old BFFs you used to get into so much trouble with:

"They were my passionate partners in unholy mischief."

-Winifred Sanderson


For when a sad movie brings you to tears:

"Oh, what is this feeling? I think it is my heart. I fear it is breaking. Oh, I cannot bear it."

-Winifred Sanderson

Hocus Pocus 2: Winifired Sanderson finds her heart

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


For when you know you're blessed to have the friends you do:

"How lucky art thou to have each other. Sisters."

-Winifred Sanderson


For when someone surprised you with their quality of character:

"You're not nearly as vile as I thought."

-Billy Butcherson

Hocus Pocus 2: Billy Butcherson is laid to rest with Gilbert

(Hocus Pocus 2 via Disney+)


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