Step Up Your Sneaker Game With HOFF's New METRO Collection

If you want to step up your sneaker game, look no further than HOFF!

The famous footwear brand just released their new METRO collection, and it's everything you could ever want out of a sneaker. Crafted from recycled matters and used with sustainability in mind, this collection uses leather certified by the Leather Working Group—which is a big deal! With six designs for men and six designs for women, these shoes are stylish, comfortable and inspired by metro stations around the world. Interested in getting a pair for yourself? Continue below to get a look at some of our favorite sneaker styles from HOFF's new METRO collection.

Women's Styles

Montparnasse: $150

The Montparnasse sneaker is styled after the metro station based in Paris, France. Featuring red bottoms and a colorful design on the shoe itself, these babies will turn any outfit into something fun.

(via HOFF)


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Covent Garden: $160

The Covent Garden sneaker is styled after the metro station based in London, England. The neutral hues make for a shoe that's perfect to wear day-to-day whether it's running errands, going for a leisurely stroll and everything in between.

(via HOFF)


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Men's Styles

Termini: $150

The Termini sneaker is styled after the metro station based in Rome, Italy. Featuring maroon and yellow accents, this shoe will look good with practically any type of outfit.

(via HOFF)


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Melrose: $150

The Melrose sneaker is styled after the metro station based in the Bronx, New York. With baby blue accents, these shoes are subtle in design and as comfortable as you could ever want.

(via HOFF)


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