All the Pros and Cons Of A Hogwarts Education

J.K. Rowling is constantly dropping new Harry Potter universe bombshells, and we just learned that attending Hogwarts is *gasp* FREE! So Hogwarts is basically perfect, right? We've weighed the pros and cons, just in case you're one of the lucky few receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter this year.


Sure, tuition is free at Hogwarts, but all of those robes, textbooks, wands, cauldrons and other magical necessities are going to add up, right? Student loans, here we come.

hogwarts school outside

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There is nothing we want more in this world to be sorted into our houses by the legitimate Sorting Hat. We'd even be happy to take Hufflepuff if that's what has to happen.

hermione tries on the sorting hat at hogwarts in front of dumbledore

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Hogwarts doesn't offer courses on English (or any language, for that matter). If you're passionate about proper grammar, you're going to have a bad time.

hermione annoyed at wrong for bad grammar at hogwarts

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Your time at Hogwarts lasts 7 years, which is great for forming lifelong friendships, but probably not so good for drama. Can you imagine attending classes AND living with the same people for that long?

7 years at hogwarts drama

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You would never, ever have to take a math class again. Ever.

hermione ron harry celebrating never needing to do math

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You might die?

voldemort doing the avada kedavra spell at the battle of hogwarts

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Does your school have a special village for weekend visits that serves butterbeer? Didn't think so.

beautiful hogsmeade at universal studios orlando florida

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In muggle school, there is no chance at all you'll ever have a teacher quite as evil as Dolores Umbridge. 

dolores umbridge the most evil person at hogwarts

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British accents around you, everywhere, all the time.

hermione says wingardium leviosa

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Dementors. NOPE. 

dementors being scary at hogwarts

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You'll encounter some fantastic beasts, and know exactly where to find them.

eddie redmayne fantastic beasts centaur


Pretty sure Hogwarts doesn't have fro yo OR Starbucks. But the wizarding world does have Chocolate Frogs, Exploding Bonbons and Fizzing Whizbees…

chocolate frogs fizzing whizbees and bertie botts every flavor beans

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Hogwarts does not, we repeat, DOES NOT have Wi-Fi. That one's a deal breaker.

voldemort wi fi

Really, the choice comes down to one thing: magic, or internet. Which do you choose? Let us know in the comments!