Hogwarts Witch Costume: Girl Power Halloween!

 It's finally Halloween! Every Thursday this month we've been sharing a new girl power-inspired costume tutorial, and this week we'll be teaching you how to put together a Hogwarts witch costume!Hogwarts Witch costume tutorial

We're sure plenty of girls would like to be Hermione Granger this Halloween, but what if you don't really see yourself as a Gryffindor girl?

We've decided to cover all the bases by also giving you ideas on how to represent your favorite Hogwarts house, whether you are a cunning Slytherin, intellectual Ravenclaw, loyal Hufflepuff, or brave Gryffindor!

Start the outfit with a grey or charcoal cardigan over a white polo. Pick the shade of grey depending on which hue you think best suits your house! Complete the basic outfit with a pair of black or dark-colored slacks or a skirt, and a black cloak!

Here's where the Hogwards outfit gets fun! Don a tie, based on your house's colors! Pick red and gold for Gryfindor, silver and green for Slytherin, yellow and black for Hufflepuff, and silver and blue for Ravenclaw!

The rest is up to you! Pick a pair of black dress shoes that you think best suits your witch, and find a magic wand that looks like it would cast your favorite magical spells!

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