All of the Holiday Goodies From Lush You'll Want to Put on Your Wish List

Dealing with amazing new brands day in and day out makes it very easy for us to put our holiday wish lists together, and Lush is one company that always makes an appearance when we're asking for gifts.

Whether you love treating yourself to an indulgent bath, or just love deliciously scented soaps and beauty products, Lush has you covered. For the 2021 holiday season, they have some seriously cute goodies on offer. The brand was generous to send us some of their latest seasonal goodies, and here are the ones that should be on your radar.

Plum Duff Shower Gel: $24.95

Americans might be slightly confused by the name of this fruity, vibrant shower gel, but a "plum duff" is a type of British Christmas pudding packed with raisins and orange zest. With that in mind, this sweet, deep purple shower gel fully delivers. And not only does it smell bright and festive—it'll make your skin feel soft and exquisite, and is also great for hair.

lush plum duff shower gel

(via Lush)


Golden Pineapple Lip Scrub: $12.95

When it comes to deeply exfoliating lip scrubs, we always like Lush's best, and their Golden Pineapple flavor is among the best yet. This Golden Pineapple Lip Scrub works double-time, renewing your lips with a blend of castor sugar and the powerful enzymes inherent in pineapple as well as ginger. Plus, when you're done treating your lips, you can lick away the tropically flavored excess. It'basically candy, and that's why we can't get enough.

Lush golden pineapple sugar scrub

(via Lush)


Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar: $6.95

The holidays haven't officially begun until we've acquired Lush's classic Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar. While you can drop the entire thing in the bath, and dry whatever's left over, we like to break it into pieces to make this bar last. Running it under the tap turns the water a vibrant pink and fills it with white suds that smell like bubble gum with a hint of mint. This makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for yourself.

Lush candy cane bubble bar

(via Lush)


Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb: $5.95

As far as adorably shaped bath bombs go, you can't do much better than this Sleep Bear Bath Bomb from Lush. If you love Lush's sweet, calming lavender Twilight scent, that's basically what you get from this bomb, which also fills the bath with an opaque white color, with just the tiniest hint of purple dye as it also releases full flowers into the tub. While you will have to fish those out if you don't want them going down the drain, they certainly do add to the experience.  It's also one of Lush's more delicate bombs, so if you have sensitive skin, you can use this one without worry.

Lush sleep bear bath bomb

(via Lush)


I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Bath Bomb: $5.95

Here's another bomb that looks so cute it's almost a shame to dissolve it in the bath! The I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas bomb has a very sweet candy-like berry scent, and when tossed into the bath, melts into a lovely pool of purple, blue and gold, eventually combining into a lovely lavender shade. It also has popping candy inside for a little extra crackle during your bath as it moisturizes your skin.

lush i want a hippopotamus for christmas

(via Lush)


You Shall Go to the Ball Bomb: $7.95

This mega-sized bomb is the ideal gift from any fairy godmother. It's packed with plastic-free gold shimmer, which will make your bath look utterly magical as this pink bomb with a hidden yellow interior melts away, dying the water while filling the air with the scent of strawberry lemonade. If you're ready to feel like a princess, this might be the bomb for you.

lush you shall go to the ball bath bomb

(via Lush)


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