How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Brand New S.O.

Selecting the perfect present for a special person in your life is hard enough.

But when that relationship has only just become official, it can be a nightmare of second-guessing, over-buying and endless anxiety. Which— real talk—is not what the season of giving is all about.

If you've recently sealed the deal on a relationship with your brand new S.O. just in time for the holidays, you know exactly what kind of stress we're talking about.

How much money should you spend? Will they expect a gift? Will they get you a gift? How do you shop for someone you barely know?! If these questions apply to you, continue reading for tips on how to pick the perfect present for this newly important person in your life:

End the Will-They-Won't-They

Rather than sending yourself down a stress spiral of will they buy me a gift or won't they, simply address the issue head-on. Talk to your S.O. about the gift-giving season and find out their expectations.

Both of you are bound to feel embarrassed and downright terrible if one of you purchases a present and the other doesn't. It may not be the most romantic way to gift, but it is the most stress-free.

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Set a Reasonable Budget

Before you even begin searching the internet high and low, set a reasonable budget for yourself. Because this relationship is new, there's no need to spend your entire allowance on a gift for your S.O.

With $20 in hand, you should be able to find the right gift that still hits the mark without appearing over-eager. It's likely your new love is grappling with the same dilemma, so aiming for a gift in the twenties ensures you'll give and receive a present of equal value.


Recall Your Highlights

While you may not yet know what their favorite sports team is or which new album they're dying to own on vinyl, you can still find a gift specific to their personal interests.

Think back to good times and conversations you both shared. Was there ever mention of a beloved movie, television show or comic? Use these tidbits as your gift foundation. From there you can explore the options of posters, graphic tees and even Funko Pop! figures that feature one of their faves. This will show your S.O. that not only are you a good listener, but you also remember the important things.


Lurk Their Social Media

When in doubt, lurk their social accounts. On Facebook you can discover which bands or movies they're a fan of from their "liked" pages, while on Instagram you get a peek into their life—what pickup sports they like, which game console they own, and so on. A gift gathered from this level of intel will guarantee a response of, "But how did you know?!"


Consult Their Bestie

Don't be shy to ask for advice from the best friend. This suggestion has multiple benefits. First, they know your S.O. better than anyone else and will have the best input on what this person likes, dislikes and already owns. Secondly, they become the middleman of your gift-giving. If it turns out you're thinking way more deeply into this gift than your love, the bestie will likely alert them to this mistake, and in the end, you wind up with a better present! It's a win-win.

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Refrain From Style Choices

When it comes to a brand new relationship, you do not want to start making style choices just yet. Even though you may think your S.O. could use a new wallet or dad hat, leave this selection process to them. While you may know exactly what they'd look cute in, their style is exactly that: theirs. 

Plus, this just opens up the option for them to buy you ugly jewelry. Best leave these style choices to the wearer (at least for the time being).

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Don't Be Afraid of Gift Cards

Gift cards get a bad reputation for being impersonal. While there's some truth to that claim, they can also be your best friend when gifting to a person you don't know inside-and-out. There are ways to make a gift card more exciting, whether you slip it inside a mug filled with candy or attach it to a framed picture of the cutest couple in town (aka you).  The wrapping is your chance to get creative.

Plus, their purchase gives you a better understanding of their preferences next time gift-giving comes around.


Get Your Bake On

You may have decided on skipping the gifting this year since the relationship is so new. If that's the case, but you're still feeling inclined to give a little something, start preheating the oven. A fresh batch of homemade sweets is always appreciated, and while it isn't an extravagant gift, the time and effort speak volumes.

It also wouldn't hurt to bake an extra large batch to gift to the whole family. Getting in good with the parents is always a major bonus. Just make sure to take food allergies into consideration!

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