11 Affordable Gifts ANY Mom Will Love This Holiday Season

A girl's relationship with her mom is about as special as they come.

With that in mind, the holidays are the perfect time to express gratitude to the leading lady in your life.

We've spent months scouring the web far and wide to bring you the most thoughtful (and affordable) gift ideas that any mom will love. Keep reading and start selecting!

Krystle Knight Jewelry Fire Flies Sleepers #1 Earrings (Rose Quartz): $71.91

Dainty and darling, no mom will say no to these subtle sterling silver earrings that make a big statement. Complete with rose quartz inserted at the bottom of both pieces, your mom will flaunt her feminine side while also absorbing the stone's powerful properties in the process! We prefer sterling silver, but if she fancies rose gold or 24k gold, the same style is also available in those styles. The jewelry line is Australia-based, so allow a little extra time for shipping.

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Thoughtfully Tea Story Gift Box: $24.99

Not sure about you, but our moms are obsessed with tea—and Thoughtfully's beautifully packaged Tea Story box comes with 80 (!) of what's sure to be your mom's fave flavors. Not only will this be a cozy sip for her during winter, but there's plenty to go around, so you two can bond in the kitchen or near the fireplace over the warm beverage. Oh, and as an added bonus, it's $10 dollars off right now!

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Artisana Organics Holiday Sampler Trio: $36

Artisana Organics is one of our fave brands found at Whole Foods, so you can only imagine our delight when we stumbled upon their Holiday Sampler Trio (online only). The organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free combo is complete with Peppermint Chocolate Coconut Butter, Gingerbread Pecan Butter and Chai Spiced Almond Butter. With all the sweets your mom is bound to consume this holiday season, she'll appreciate these three are made with guilt-free ingredients—so she doesn't have to fight the urge to splurge.

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Kemei Callus Remover: $16.88

This isn't exactly the most glamorous gift, but it will surely be appreciated. If your mom loves baths and hates dead skin on her feet, well, consider this callus remover the perfect tool. The battery-operated gadget that she can use while bathing will put a (temporary) end to the cracked skin and calluses brought on by dry winter weather. As an added bonus, the remover comes with a pedicure tool set, in case she doesn't have time to make it to the nail salon.

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Tom Dixon Cube Pen: $70

To you, a pen may be nothing more than what you use to scribble down notes during class, but to your mom, this rose gold, copper-plated writing instrument will not only be a brightly colored addition to her desk or handbag, but it will also show her you have some serious taste. When you get to a certain age, even something seemingly simple like a pen can become a luxury item—and this everyday tool will get plenty of good use.

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Sweet Laurel Cake Kit: $55

One of Los Angeles' breakout bakeries in 2018 is Sweet Laurel, a Pacific Palisades-based sweet treats spot that makes all of their decadent desserts from whole ingredients—meaning no refined sugar, dairy, wheat or preservatives. The reason they've maintained such success since their opening this year is because their goods taste just like the real thing! Their Sweet Laurel Cake Kit is the perfect purchase for the mom who likes to get her hands dirty in the kitchen. Just think, you can help her bake (and then indulge), too.

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Atelier Cologne 8-Piece Perfume Travel Palette: $19

Whether your mom is more into citrus, floral, vanilla or otherwise, Atelier Cologne (an upscale, unisex line of French fragrances) offers something for everyone in their eight-piece sampler set. With alluring names like Santal Carmin, Rose Anonyme and Orange Sanguine, your mom will be blown away by your level of sophistication. Even if she already has her own signature scent, these are meant for on-the-go, when she doesn't want to schlep around a bottle of her regular fragrance. With so many decadent options to choose from, she may just find her new No. 1 in this set.

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Cura Skincare Essentials Bundle: $72

If Cura's all-natural, high-quality products are good enough for us picky beauty editors at Sweety High, then they're definitely bound to get mom's stamp of approval. This convenient kit includes skincare essentials (cleanser and moisturizer), along with the bonus gift of a branded spa headband, which will make it easier for mom to wash her face and apply product without hair getting in the way. We swear by these items, so even if your mom's currently devoted to a different line, these can become her travel or backup set. The ingredients are very light, so those with sensitive skin need not worry. Oh, and 5% of all sales goes to Girls Inc., to support STEM programs.

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Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray: $39.99

Here's another one for the bath-loving lady. Any mom who enjoys relaxing in the tub will totally appreciate this high-end wooden tray that accommodates everything she could possibly need during her time of luxuriation. While we aren't personally proponents of using our phone while bathing, this caddy gives her the option to have her cell by her side, along with a book, candle, beverage and snack. Sorry, bubbles not included.

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Moderne Monocle Harlowe Rose Gold Necklace: $89

Don't let mom embarrass you anymore by always having to pull out her tiny glasses in order to see the menu at every restaurant. Instead, give her this stylish, high-quality necklace that doubles as a monocle, so she can sneak a peek at any fine print in style!


Magnolia and Vine Mini Sidewinder Gloves: $19.99

These are no ordinary gloves. Aside from stylishly keeping your mom's hands warm during the cold winter months, she'll also have the option to swap decorative bling on the gloves' sides in the form of accents that she can easily snap on and off. The inexpensive snaps are sold separately, but there are so many to choose from you may get lost in your search (in the best way possible).


If you want to give your mom something homemade in addition to bought, try one of THESE incredibly easy DIY glitter gift ideas!