6 Homemade Holiday Gifts That Aren't Lame

Who says homemade gifts have to be lame?

If you're trying to save money on holiday presents this year, but still want to give your pals and loved ones a little something, we've got your back. The list of crafty presents below can be given to everyone from your spa-loving mom to your sentimental BFF.

Scroll down for some creative homemade gift ideas that aren't lame.

Body Scrub

If you've got a spa-loving pal or loved one in your life, chances are they'd totally appreciate a homemade body scrub. Believe it or not, this exfoliating gift is surprisingly easy to make and usually only contains about four or five ingredients, several of which you likely already have at home. THIS festive recipe for candy cane body scrub, for example, has just four ingredients and is great for keeping your skin and lips nourished during the cold winter months.


Paper Holiday Ornaments

Sure, you can head to the store or go online and buy a holiday ornament featuring just about anything these days, but why not add a personal touch to the festive decorations by making your own paper holiday ornaments? Though intricate crowd pleasers like THESE can take some time to create, there's no denying that the final result, which can be made with paper and scissors, is seriously impressive. Bring these to a holiday party and you'll be the talk of the night!

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If you're artistically inclined and feeling a tad more ambitious, why not head to one of those make-your-own pottery places and put your talents to good use? There's often plenty to choose from (think mugs, vases, picture frames etc.). As with the baked goods, you can personalize this gift as much as you'd like. Make a vase or planter for your green thumb mom or a ramen bowl for your food-loving dad!


Cookies or Other Baked Goods

Let's face it, food is almost always a crowd-pleaser, and that's especially true with sweet treats. Cookies, cupcakes or brownies make an ideal gift for that acquaintance hosting a holiday party, your math tutor, your soccer teammates, or just about anyone else you can think of. You can even personalize them by whipping up treats you know the recipient enjoys and then decorating them accordingly. Trust us, you can't go wrong here.

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A Knit Scarf

News flash: It's cold out. Make a friend or loved one something you know they'll use by knitting them a scarf this holiday season. Not only will this thoughtful gift keep them warm and toasty as the temperatures dip and the snow falls, but the act of knitting can be beneficial for you, too. The relaxing activity is a great way to relieve stress and pass the time when you'd rather not venture outside.


A Photo Album

This gift is especially great to keep in mind if you have a friend or sibling who is headed to college or a new job in the coming months. You can either make an album on the computer using social media posts, which you can customize with your own notes and memories, or do it the old fashioned way and pull out some old snapshots, concert tickets and other mementos and put them all in one place. Either way, this thoughtful, homemade gift is bound to be a hit.

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