We Tried Four Bold Holiday Looks from MAC's Nutcracker Sweet Collection ????????

The holidays are always an excuse to experiment with bold beauty looks.

Between parties and big events from now through New Year's Eve, we certainly don't want to be just another face in the crowd.

That's why we were thrilled when MAC recently released their Nutcracker Sweet Collection, which not only gets us feeling festive with their product packaging, but also has all of our favorite shades rolled into one set.

Part of MAC's Nutcracker Sweet collection

We applied a few colors from their nine-piece Cool Eye Compact shadow palette (Enchanted Beauty, Quite Spoiled, Absurdly Pretty and Sugar Plum), and paired the striking smokey look with each of the four shades in the Pink Lipstick Kit. Using the magic of Glov's on-the-go microfiber makeup-remover, we were able to wipe off each lip color without a hitch and apply a fresh hue.

Scroll below for the four looks and gain inspo for your next big holiday moment!

MAC's Nutcracker Sweet look in five shadows from the Cool Eye palette

1. Girl About Town

This magenta pink is a total holiday staple, and it really adds that extra oomph to your already-bold look

MAC's Nutcracker Sweet look in Girl About Town lipstick

2. Dangerously Red

For the girl who wants that signature red-lipped holiday look but isn't ready to go all the way there, this shade still keeps things technically pink, while including just enough red to make those puckers pop!

MAC's Nutcracker Sweet look in Dangerously Red lipstick

3. Impassioned

This shade is for the ultimate girly-girl because we all know nothing says feminine like a true pink. Given that it is darker than a traditional baby pink, this will allow you to make a statement even though you're not going too wild with your color choice.

MAC's Nutcracker Sweet look in Impassioned lipstick

4. Heroine

This matte shade is for those who want to enter the room with a bang! You've already got your smokey eye, so to top it off with this deep purple is your way of saying the party has arrived????

MAC's Nutcracker Sweet look in Heroine lipstick



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