These Memes Perfectly Describe YOU During the Holidays

The holidays are a joyous, wonderful, but actually quite stressful season.

No matter how or what you celebrate, you probably can relate to the following hilarious memes during this time of the year.

The moment it strikes 12 a.m. on December 1, you are in full-on holiday mode. You're ready to Rock around that Christmas tree.

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You're normally in a great mood, but there's something about this season that just boosts your energy and morale.


Every December you swear to yourself that you won't end up waiting until the last minute to get your holiday shopping done.. but then, what do you know, it's Dec. 24th and you have nothing.


Even if you manage to get some pre-holiday shopping done, you somehow end up with a lot of presents for just yourself. Oops.


Although you're terrible at shopping for friends and family, you always somehow find a way to snag a stellar Secret Santa gift for your holiday party… but you always end up with the worst gift ever.


You spend the majority of your spare time scrolling through Insta trying to find hilarious holiday memes like the one below. Absolutely hilarious.

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When it comes time to decorate the house in holiday decor, you can always expect at least one of your pets to wreak havoc on the entire setup.


And you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around anything breakable in the house or one of your parents will totally be on your back.


Speaking of parents, they act like they're not getting you anything right from the very beginning of holiday season.

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But you of all people know they have a stash full of presents just waiting to be found. No present is a surprise.


When you finally open your presents, you have to act like both your parents were involved in picking out the awesome gifts. But you know that's not entirely true.

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You secretly think Santa isn't as nice as everyone claims he is.

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You've just got so much spirit that it's a little hard to contain your excitement. Especially when school is in session.

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Now that you're in full holiday spirit mode, why not listen to THIS cheerful holiday single by Tegan Marie?!