Geekiest Holiday Sweaters to Rep Your Fave Fandoms

Ugly holiday sweaters are the new black.

But rather than general knit prints of sleigh bells and holly, we're taking our sweater weather gear up a notch with geeky threads that speak to our inner pop-culture nerd.

Browse some of the best buys of 2017 to show off your fave fandom below:

'All I Want Is Steve' Sweater: $34

Steve Harrington is so dreamy. This Stanger Things fan fave is definitely on the top of our wishlists this year. Swoon.

Steve Harrington holiday sweater

(via Tees and Tank You)


Wonder Woman Sweater: $54.99

If you saw Wonder Woman in theaters 3+ times this year, then you absolutely need to rep this Justice League heroine during the holiday season.

Wonder Woman holiday sweater

(via Merchoid)


'Let It Snow' Sweater: $27.99

Baby, it may be cold outside, but this sweater is hot, hot, hot.

Jon Snow holiday sweater

(via RockaTee)


Tina Belcher Sweater: $49.99

Simply put, Tina has the best one-liners.

Tina Belcher holiday sweater

(via Merchoid)


Doctor Who Tardis Sweater: $22.95

Anxiously await the debut of the first female Doctor with this timeless Tardis piece. The most famous Christmas icon may be Santa, but this year we're looking forward to seeing actress Jodie Wittaker take on this classic role.

Doctor Who sweaterr

(via Etsy)


Harry Potter Happy Christmas Sweater: $34

It simply wouldn't be the holiday season without our three favorite wizards.

Harry Potter holiday sweater

(via Tees and Tank You)


Pikachu Sweater: $47.92

Pikachu's red cheeks make him the cutest little Poké in the Pokémon World winter wonderland.

Pikachu holiday sweater

(via Box Lunch)


Harley Quinn Sweater: $39.99

Obsessed with this sweater that takes a holiday approach to Harley Quinn's iconic outfit from Suicide Squad. But wear at your own risk—you wouldn't want to channel this character and end up with coal in your stocking.

Harley Quinn holiday sweater

(via Merchoid)


Playstation Sweater: $47.20

Nothing beats a classic.

Playstation sweater

(via Box Lunch)


Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn Sweater: $27.99

Lorelai is the queen of winter which is why this Gilmore Girls-inspired Inn sweater makes you the most dedicated nerd in all of Stars Hollow.

Dragonfly Inn holiday sweater

(via Ice Stork)


Yoda Wisdom Sweater: $54.99

Yoda may more closely resemble an elf, but he's really working this Santa hat.

Yoda holiday sweater

(via Merchoid)


Bob Newby Sweater: $34

Too soon?

Bob Newby holiday sweater

(via Tees and Tank You)


'Winter Is Coming' Sweater:$22.90

For the fan who wants to wear their holiday sweater all winter long.

Game of Thrones holiday sweater

(via Etsy)


Zelda Sweater: $46.99

Zelda, the Legend of Santa: coming to you this Christmas.

Zelda as Santa holiday sweater

(via Merchoid)


Reptar Sweater: $32.90

Only the truest '90s nerds will recognize the adorable dino on your holiday sweater as the one and only, Reptar.

Reptar sweater

(via Forever 21)


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