Holographic Mermaid Nails Have Made Our Dreams a Reality

Mermaids are possibly one of our favorite mythical, magical creatures. They're beautiful, vibrant—and from the looks of it, have impeccable beauty and fashion taste.

Last week, we stumbled upon the Instagram account @tre_she that showcases unique handcrafted nails that are mermaid-inspired and mermaid-approved.

The account features a variety of holographic, opal and chrome press-on nails that are completely mesmerizing.

This video of pastel holographic press-ons displays how they sparkle.


Can you believe these mermaid opals? They capture every color of the rainbow.


They glisten when hit by light.


And they're just too pretty not to recognize.


Just look at these mermaid chrome nails. We need them all.


And these crystal opals.


Hello, these rose quartz opals just scream mermaid.

Amazing, right? Luckily for you, all these press-ons can be purchased on @tre_she's Depop shop.


Once you purchase your siren nails, hop on over HERE and channel your inner-mermaid with these enchanting beauty tutorials.