Home Gifts to Get for Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

The holidays are finally upon us, and that means it's time to start shopping!

Whether you're looking for gifts for a loved one or even yourself, why not look into the home category? From plush robes to fun puzzles and kitchen gadgets, there are tons of home products we think you need to know about this year. Just keep scrolling to get a look at the home gifts to get for your loved ones this holiday season.

Sunday Citizen Cascais Bath Robe: $145

One of the best parts of staying in a fancy hotel is living it up in a fancy bathrobe—but what if you could enjoy that luxury from home? We've been loving Sunday Citizen's Cascais Bath Robe because of its luxe appeal and think it would make the perfect gift this holiday season. Coming in an array of colors, this cotton robe will make it feel like you're at the spa every single day.

(via Sunday Citizen)


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JIGGY Puzzles Tinsel Time Puzzle: $40

If you or the person you're shopping for loves fun games like puzzles, we can't recommend this one from JIGGY Puzzles enough. It's what Pinterest dreams are made of and looks super chic. Coming in a set of 450 pieces in a stunning glass jar as well as glue (in case you want to frame it), this puzzle depicts a beautiful Christmas tree with tinsel accents and all of the holiday vibes. This would make for the perfect activity to do with a friend, family member or even by yourself.

(via JIGGY Puzzles)


Cozy Earth Premium Plush Bath Sheets: $160

Bath sheets are a must—they're way bigger than typical bath towels and will keep you nice and warm, and we've been loving these ones from Cozy Earth that come in a set of two. They're crazy soft, quick to absorb water and will put a smile on the face of whoever you gift it to.

(via Cozy Earth)


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Vacation Home Resort Three Candle Set: $96

The last time you went on a vacation, we're willing to bet you loved the smell and vibe of the place you stayed. Why not have that scent burning in your house year-round? This set of three candles from Vacation comes with scents reminiscent of a hotel room, the pool and the lobby. Trust us when we say you need this!

(via Vacation)


We Are Knitters Vega Scarf: $76

We can't think of a better gift than this one from We Are Knitters. Whether you get this for yourself, mom, bestie or someone else in your life, they're going to have the best time making their very own scarf! This scarf comes with all the yarn you need and easy-to-follow directions made with beginners in mind. Plus, there are tons of colors to choose from!

(via We Are Knitters)


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FOTILE ChefCubii Steam-Combi Oven: $449

If you want to go all out this year for the person in your life who loves to be in the kitchen, we highly suggest getting your hands on this fun little oven from FOTILE. This four-in-one countertop oven has a whopping 40 presets and can make anything from pizza to wings, fries and more.

(via FOTILE)


Plants by Post Glossy Green Succulent Set: $40

For the person who loves cute plants (but struggles to sleep them alive), Plants by Post has the cutest succulents in stylish ceramic pots to fit any room or aesthetic. They're available with low-maintenance echeveria, crassula, haworthia, or kalanchoe succulents that look vibrant, healthy and stylish, even with a bit of neglect, making them a great desk or beside accessory any time of year.

Plants by Post Glossy Green Succulent Set

(via Plants by Post)


NOUS75 Orange & Sandalwood Tableau: $39.99

One thing we don't love about scented candles is that they run out way too quickly. NOUS75's scented decor, made with fragranced soy wax while looking like elegant decorations, solves this problem. The Orange & Sandalwood Tableau, for example, looks chic with its orange slices, bark and green sprigs, and can be placed or hung in your favorite spaces to throw its scent even better than most lit candles. The warm scent, blending zesty orange with mint, musky amber and wood, is perfect for any time of day, feeling just like home.

NOUS75 Orange & Sandalwood Tableau

(via NOUS75)


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Lynn & Liana Designs Lucite Tray: $139.95

Here's a great gift for the friend who's always entertaining. Lynn & Liana Designs Lucite Trays are positively stunning to look at, and though they look like polished marble, they're actually quite lightweight, without sacrificing sturdiness. The color choices are fabulous, with gold or silver handles as accents, making these trays a showy way to serve charcuterie or deliver breakfast in bed. They're a must-have for hosts who love to please.

Lynn & Liana Designs Lucite Tray

(via Lynn & Liana Designs)


PyroPet Dyri Reindeer Candle: $39

We love scented candles as next as the next person, but for the person who'd prefer a candle with a bit more character, PyroPets is sure to deliver. Their unique unscented candles are shaped like animals with an angular, geometric look, but the real magic happens when they burn. As the wax slowly melts away, the aluminum skeleton within is revealed for a look that's as stylish as it is edgy. The Dyri reindeer candle, complete with antlers, might be the coolest in the collection.

PyroPet Dyri Reindeer Candle

(via 54 Celsius)


Giftiply Bushels of Hope Wrapping Paper: $18

Now, here's a gift that gives again and again. Giftiply's high-quality wrapping paper has one-of-a-kind prints to make gifts look extra special while also giving 33% of every sale to charity. This Bushels of Hope paper has a sweet citrusy pattern, with each pack containing five sheets and five gift labels, and $6 of every sale (or more, if you're feeling generous) goes to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Gift it to someone who loves to do good and share Giftiply's story, and they just might be compelled to pay the gesture forward.

Giftiply Bushels of Hope Wrapping Paper

(via Giftiply)


Pocketo Colorblock Cap Pens: $38

There's something about nice pens that just makes life better, and if you know someone who's sick of boring, nondescript pens (and constantly having them stolen, with no proof), Poketo's Colorblock Pens are sure to put a smile on their face. The pens are truly unique, with a contrasty two-toned design and gold accents, and they feel amazing to write with. Not only does the black ink glide effortlessly, but the pens have some weight to them, feeling great in the hand, and the clicky caps are equally satisfying.

Pocketo Colorblock Cap Pens

(via Pocketo)


Open Spaces Entryway Rack: $128.80

We don't know anyone who couldn't use more storage space, and Open Spaces' viral Entryway Rack is one of our faves for good reason. It's minimalist, modern and sturdy while being easy to assemble, and with three shelves, it can hold plenty of stuff and help declutter a home without taking up much space. It also comes in five different colors to match the aesthetic of whoever you're gifting it to.

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

(via Open Spaces)


Letterfolk Placemats ($78) and Classic Bundle ($105)

Letterfolk's placemats and door mats are unlike anything we've seen before, as they're fully customizable with the help of hexagonal silicone tiles, which pop onto the studs to bring all kinds of bold designs to life. Each item comes with its own tiles, but you can also purchase additional tile sets based on favorite colors or even seasonality, so your giftee can update their mats depending on the time of year. Not only is it the perfect way for creative types to show off their imaginations, but those who'd rather go off templates can also check out lots of great examples on Letterfolk's website and leave the art part to the experts.

Letterfolk Placemats ($78) and Classic Bundle (

(via Letterfolk)


W&P Hill House Home x W&P Insulated Tumbler: $45

W&P's best-selling insulated tumbler just got even better thanks to a striking collab with Hill House Home. The 20 oz. tumbler is the perfect size, with an insulated core that keeps hot drinks piping and cold drinks chilly, with a ceramic coating for a clean taste. Their tumblers have always been cute, but the aesthetic of Hill House Home's prints is unmatched, taking the look to the next level to make this an unforgettable gift.

W&P Hill House Home x W&P Insulated Tumbler

(via W&P)


Home~Pourri Vanilla Bourbon: $12.99

From the makers of the hilariously titled (but seriously useful) Poo~Pourri comes Home~Pourri, a multi-purpose spray for eliminating odors at home. It comes in all kinds of great scents (including seasonal ones, for the holiday lovers out there), but we have to recommend the classic Vanilla Bourbon scent, with its cool, clean feel and a hint of smoke, for stopping stink before it starts and making any home smell amazing. It'll help anyone who loves to keep a nice home make their space feel even fresher.

Home~Pourri Vanilla Bourbon

(via ~Pourri)


Katie Kime New Orleans Toile Ice Bucket: $88

Ice buckets are a must for those who like to entertain, as keeping chilled drinks at the table is so much cuter than a million trips back and forth to the fridge, and we haven't seen one as stylish as this one from Katie Kime. The vibrant print is as playful as it is unusual, featuring various images representing the city of New Orleans, and comes in four different color combinations to suit anyone's style. It also carries three quarts and is insulated to prevent condensation while keeping ice—and the drinks inside—cold for longer. You can even pick gold or silver for the hardware to match any interior.

Katie Kime New Olreans Toile Ice Bucket

(via Katie Kime)


Fanta Wide Mouth Tervis Tumbler Bottle: $39.95

For a more playful approach to staying hydrated, we're loving The Coca-Cola store's Wide Mouth Tervis Tumbler Bottles—especially in this eye-catching Fanta print. It's a 24 oz. bottle, so it carries plenty of water and has a unique screw-on cap to keep things secure, allowing the bottle to open up and reveal its wide-mouthed lid. It's designed to keep drinks cold for up to two full days, and also comes in designs for Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite, to encourage your favorite soda fanatic to drink more water, too.

Fanta Wide Mouth Tervis Tumbler Bottle

(via Coca-Cola Store)



Smoko Mushroom Ambient Light: $18

We love it when decor can be practical and magically adorable all at once, and this Mushroom Ambient Light from Smoko is one of the cutest lamps we've ever laid our eyes upon. It's powered by AAA batteries, so its recipient can bring it anywhere, lighting the way or acting as their new favorite nightlight.

Smoko Mushroom Ambient Light

(via Smoko)


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