This Video Proves You Are Way More Important to Your Friends Than You Know

A yearbook photoshoot gets a new twist in a new anti-bullying video—and the result might bring you to tears.

The "Honest Yearbook" video above shows several teens who sit down to take their yearbooks photos. That sounds commonplace, right? Well, in the process, they get to learn what an important impact their kindness has had on friends' lives.

It's a beautiful show of how powerful our actions can be.

Honest Yearbook video still

(Ad Council via YouTube)

The teens don't exactly look at ease as they're preparing to be photographed. Each understandably seems to be a little preoccupied with how their photo may turn out. But when their photo sessions are interrupted with moving video messages from friends whose lives they've touched, everything changes.

The pictures are yearbook photos that are anything but ordinary. If only every yearbook photoshoot was like this, and better still, if only everyone took note and treated their friends like this. For more info on how your behavior affects those around you and what you can do to make positive change in your school, check out

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown gave a powerful anti-bullying speech in June at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Click HERE to watch it.