Demi Lovato's Hope Dealer Campaign for CAST Recovery!

This holiday season, Demi Lovato is giving back, and mobilizing her fans to join in, with the Hope Dealer campaign from Regular Hero!hope dealer demi lovato

Regular Hero is a non-profit that recruits normal people who want to make things better for people in need around the world. It's a platform where people can make cool products and sell them to benefit fantastic causes. 

"Another way to give back is giving hope to another person," Demi Tweeted last week. "Be a #hopedealer, I'm one!"

The Hope Dealer program is all about spreading hope. Sometimes hope is what keeps us going, but it doesn't have to be a giant gesture. It can come in the simple form of a hug, words of encouragement, or a well-timed gift.

All proceeds from Demi's Hope Dealer campaign benefit CAST Recovery, a treatment center for mental health, which also raises money and awareness for programs that benefit mental health. Demi received her own treatment at CAST.

All sales from Hope Dealer t-shirts, tanks, sweaters and more, as well as donations, go toward the Lovato Scholarship at CAST Recovery. We love that Demi is so passionate about this incredible cause!

Comment below with your thoughts and click here to check out the Hope Dealer page and find out about the ways you can get involved. You can also join our community at Sweety High!