11 Items Every Horse Lover Needs In Their Possession ASAP

With the Kentucky Derby taking over this past weekend's headlines, we got to thinking about the special place horses hold in our heart.

If you consider yourself horse-obsessed like us, and don't have a proper collection of appropriately themed items in your life already, scroll below for 11 goodies that will have you galloping to your wallet!

1. These fantastical socks: $8.00

Horse-themed ankle socks from Living Royal

(via Living Royal)


2. This Pillow Pet who deserves all the cuddles: $19.99

Sir Horse Pillow Pet

(via Pillow Pets)


3. These simple and hilarious horse earrings: $9.95

Horse earrings from Etsy

(via Etsy)


4. This colorful tank top that's perf for summer: $13.80

Colorful horse tank top from Froever 21

(via Forever 21)


5. This necklace you can personalize with your birthstone and initials: $18.00

Personalized horse necklace from Etsy

(via Etsy)


6. These decorative string lights that'll look uh-mazing hanging above your bed: $39.96

Horse string lights

(via Etsy)

7. This ridiculously cute iPhone case: $34.02

Plush horse iPhone case from Amazon

(via Amazon)


8. This chic throw pillow you can purchase in any color of the rainbow: $34.00

Outline of a horse on a teal pillow

(via Etsy)


9. This adorable floral sweater: $14.09

Horse sweater from Pink Queen

(via Pink Queen)


10. This majestic tee that will have you wanting to run like the wind: $22.00

Running horses shirt from The Mountain

(via The Mountain)


11. This watercolor horse journal to jot down all your thoughts: $8.99

Watercolor horse journal

(via Amazon)


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