8 Must-Have Items for the Horse-Lovers

Whether you ride horses, love them from afar or have a pal who calls them a hobby, there's sure to be someone in your life who can appreciate the beloved animal's memorabilia.

Luckily, we've rounded up 8 must-have items for the horse-lover in your life!

The Essential The Plaid Horse Sweatshirt: $65

Cute, comfy and classic. The Plaid Horse is North America's Premier horse show magazine, bringing you equestrian news, educational articles, opportunities for junior riders and beautiful photos of Hunter and Jumper horses.

the plaid horse sweatshirt

(via The Plaid Horse)


The Plaid Horse Lucky Boot Socks by Dreamers & Schemers: $10

Whether you're heading into a championship class or on your way to take a test, these socks are sure to bring you luck! (Just remember, heels down!)

horse socks

(via The Plaid Horse)


Horseware Girls Best Friend Tee from EQU Lifestyle Boutique: $29

"Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never owned a horse." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

t-shirt for horse lover

(via Horseware)


Rhinestone Pony Keychain from Rider's Boutique: $25

Show your pony love and add a little sparkle to your life at the same time! These are too cute for words, and perfect to hang off a purse or backpack.

horse keychain

(via Rider's Boutique)


A Rainbow of Saddle Pads from Wilkers: $19.95

Pick your favorite color or buy yourself a rainbow!


(via Wilkers)


A collection of Breyer Model Horses from Rick's Heritage Saddlery: Varying Prices

Create your own show string out of these irresistible collectible horses. Learn about your favorite breeds and colors while you grow your herd!

galloping horses

(via Rick Heritage Saddlery)


Their Very Own Fluff Monkey: $24.95

These aren't just for shining your boots… they have about a million other uses, too! Here are 17 to get you started.

horse item

(via Fluff Monkey)


A Bridle-Inspired Headband from Handy Hunter Boutique: $40

Stylish and sleek, this hair accessory is the perfect touch of equestrian chic to tame your mane.

headband for horse lover

(via Handy Hunter Boutique)


If you really want to get in with your equestrian pals, you should also probably learn about the difference between a horse and a pony by clicking HERE.