This Horse Proves That Pet-Friendly Motel Policies Aren't Limited to Dogs

When searching for pet-friendly hotels, horses aren't usually the animals we have in mind.

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For competitive racehorse trainer Lindsey Partridge, however, asking if her horses could accompany her inside her motel room was a no-brainer.

Earlier this month, Lindsey made the long drive from her home in Canada to Kentucky with her three racehorses for a special competition. After overhearing that pets were allowed in the motel rooms for a small fee, Lindsey joked that she would love to bring her horses into her room. To her surprise, the receptionist agreed.

A few minutes later, Lindsey guided her racehorse, Blizz, into the lobby to officially check into their new lodgings. After paying a $10 pet fee, the pair got settled into their new room by lounging on the bed and flipping through their available TV channels.

Horse in Motel Room

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Blizz was only allowed to stay in the hotel room for a few minutes, but the gentle giant proved to everyone at the motel that horses can be just as kind and loving as any other animal, despite their intimidating size.

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