Whether you’re an adventurous eater or simply the world’s biggest fan of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, we have great news for you.

You can now upgrade your order at tons of restaurants and food joints around the country with this crunchy and spicy snack.

It’s time to spice up your life! Scroll below to find your new fave food fusion:

Cali Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Burrito

California burritos are already known for wrapping up french fries within the tortilla folds. But at Paraiso Juice Bar, you can now upgrade your Cali order with crunchy Hot Cheetos. If there’s one thing burritos have always been lacking, it’s a little crunch.

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Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Pizza

To be honest, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos don’t count as the strangest pizza topping. I mean, anchovies? Yuck. But at Ameci Pizza & Pasta you can order your go-to fiery snack on your extra large cheesy pizza. Now the only question is, will this be for delivery or carry-out?


Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Frappe

Bardot Bars & Coffee is turning heads with their interesting take on a Hot Cheeto upgrade that you can slurp rather than chew. Are you adventurous enough to blend your spicy snack into a refreshing frappe?


Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Burger

While the Hot Cheetos in this burger made by Pie Dog will spice up your order, the mac and cheese infusion will comfort your taste buds with the flavor of childhood. These cheesy pairings are everything we never knew we needed in a burger.

Spice up your life with a little #HotBox action. ???????????? What #Mondayblues?

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Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Sushirrito

As if adding Hot Cheetos to a regular burrito wasn’t enough, this Sushirrito by Okipoki is all kinds of extra. First you have the sushi, then you roll it into a burrito, and then you coat the outside with Hot Cheeto dust, all while stuffing some full chips into the center. Would you try this masterpiece?

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Mac and Hot Cheetos

The Attic puts a spicy spin on a classic dish. Oven-toasted breadcrumbs or plain flavored potato chips have long since graced the top layer of mac and cheese, but at this joint you can get your crunch on with a side of flamin’ heat.


Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Wings

Buffalo wings are known for their spice, but these appetizers from Krazy Wings are crusted in Hot Cheeto crumbles for a new take on a favorite dish. We don’t think we’ll be dipping these bad boys into blue cheese, though.


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Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Elote

When it comes to elote, you can never add too many toppings. This classic corn on the cob treat is traditionally drizzled with butter, mayo, chili powder and Cotija cheese. But at Swirl Fiesta, this mouthwatering dish is rolled in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for a bit of texture.

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