Here's What Your Go-To Hot Dog Condiments Reveal About Your Personality

What you put on a hot dog isn't just about taste. Your fave condiments can actually reveal a lot about your personality.

Keep reading to find out what your favorite kind of hot dog says about you—and don't be afraid to mix and match these traits just like you would with your hot dog dressings.

Hot Dogs with lots of toppings

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If you prefer to keep your hot dog plain and simple, you're the type of person who appreciates what they have and is pretty content with life. You always notice all of the little things that make every day special, and you wouldn't change a thing about your life. After all, if something is already good, why mess with it?



Some people say that ketchup on a hot dog is only for kids—but they're totally wrong. If ketchup is your go-to hot dog condiment, you're someone who appreciates the classics. You're also pretty reliable, and people tend to turn to you in their times of need.



If you're a mustard lover, you're confident in your abilities and you know exactly what you like and what you don't. You tend to be stubborn because you're certain about your beliefs, and while it's tough to sway your opinion, you know how to recognize when you're wrong.

Mustard hot dogs with french fries

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If you love onions on a hot dog, you have a flair for the dramatic and love to be noticed. You're not satisfied with doing the same old things as everyone else. Chances are you've got some kind of artistic talent that you're eager to share with the world.



Love relish on a hot dog? You have a zeal for life, and while your interests may be unconventional, you always manage to find a group of friends who love the same weird things you do. You're positive, upbeat and always ready to take on whatever life throws your way.


Chili Cheese

If you always order chili cheese dogs, you've got a big personality, and an appetite to match it. You don't shy away from rich, decadent food. Even when you make a mess, you wear a stain on your shirt with pride. You're on top of the world and no one can bring you down.

Hot dog with chili cheese and onions

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Is sauerkraut your go-to condiment? If so, you're totally into honoring traditions with a modern-day twist. You love anything retro and enjoy investigating styles of decades past and incorporating them into your outfits. If you ever got the chance to time travel, you'd go for it in an instant.



If you love spicy jalapeños on your hot dogs, you're a risk-taker with a fiery personality. You're an adrenaline junky who can't get enough of high-energy sports and roller coasters. You know what you want out of life, and you're willing to go the extra mile and put everything on the line to get it.



If you loved a hot dog wrapped in bacon, you're all about living large and decadence. You're the first person in your friend group to hop on food trends, and every one leaves you even hungrier for the next, big thing. You're a firm believer that you can never, ever have too much of a good thing.

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs

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If you love putting guacamole on your hot dog, you're someone who invests a lot in the things you're passionate about. You're not one to give up quickly on a new project. You always now that guac is extra, and you're always willing to put in the extra dollar or two to make your dream meal a reality.


The Works

If you like any and all great ingredients atop your hot dog, you're a versatile thinker who knows how to go with the flow in any situation. You're not picky, and you know how to succeed even when you've been dealt a bad hand. With that attitude, you can do pretty much anything.


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