6 Nail Polish Colors Perfect for Your Hot Girl Summer

Summer is heating up, and we aren't just talking about the temperature.

With the hot weather comes hot style, and there's one element to your look that you simply can't ignore when figuring out how to rock your best summer style: your nails! Whether you're a salon subscriber or prefer an at-home manicure, here are some nail polish colors to try that will soon become staples of your hot girl summer:


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1. White Hot

While "you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day" is pretty much accepted as an outdated style rule that is more than okay to break, the saying does stress how perfect the color (or technically, the lack of color) is for summer. It complements virtually any look and, not to mention, always makes your tan pop.

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2. Swimming Pool Blue

Put your bottles of baby blues down until the fall—it's time for teal to take a turn in the spotlight. Think teal tones like swimming pool blue that draw attention to you and that brighten your whole look (and mood) with a simple swipe.


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3. Soft Pinks

Looking for something a little more neutral that still complements each and every one of the many swim suits you'll be donning this summer? Light pink shades are just the ticket. Think pastel pinks, ballet slippers and every hue in between for a soft and feminine style upgrade.

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4. Sage Green

Save the jewel tones for fall and pick up a lighter, more neutral shade of green for the summer. Bonus: shades of sage are absolutely stunning on your toes as well as your fingertips, so feel free to go with a matching set if you plan on rocking open-toed shoes all season long like we do.

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5. Neutral Nudes

This shocking summer nail polish trend for the summer is one that's not even really a color at all. This is a great option if you're terrible at maintaining your mani every time you get your nails painted, as people are way less likely to notice your chipped nail polish if it's the same color as your nails already. Basically, a nice nude nail polish gives a ton of shine (or even shimmer if you choose one that takes things up a notch), making it a classy and classic option for the summer—an especially attractive option if you're embarking on a summer internship or other work placement.


6. Go Bright or Go Home

And finally, a nail polish trend that is as bright as the summertime sun itself. Neon colors—thing blindingly bright pinks, greens and even yellows if you're truly bold—are huge this season, but if that's a bit too intense for you, you can always tone it down by choosing pastel shades instead.

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And there you have it, some of this summer's most spot-on nail polish shades to try for your hot girl summer. Not ready to head to the nearest salon (or nail polish aisle of your local supermarket) just yet? Worry not, you can get some more inspiration by clicking HERE for the hottest nail design looks for summer 2022.