Hot Girl Walk Accessories You Need This Summer

If you plan on going on Hot Girl Walks this summer, you need the perfect accessories to go along with your cute outfits.

And no, you can't get away with just bringing your phone—after all, Hot Girl Walks are four miles long! Trust us when we say you're going to need a little bit more help in the accessories department. Don't know where to begin? Continue below to get a look at all of the Hot Girl Walk accessories you need to get your hands on this summer.

Fanny Pack

The first thing you need to bring on your Hot Girl Walks is something to hold everything! We think fanny packs are the easiest way to keep everything nice and neat while not having to worry about holding a purse. Plus, they attach around your waist or even strapped across your shoulder.

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Pepper Spray

We're pretty sure you won't ever have to use pepper spray on your Hot Girl Walks, but it's always better to be on the safe side. You can find these on Amazon and if Pepper Spray isn't so much your thing, go for something like a personal alarm.


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Water should be an obvious thing to bring on your Hot Girl Walks, but some people need reminding! If you're heading out on a four-mile walk, water is an absolute non-negotiable. And if you don't feel like holding it, just make sure you get a fanny pack that has enough room.



Sunscreen should 100% be applied before you head out on your Hot Girl Walk—you need to protect that gorgeous face of yours! If you plan on being gone for under two hours, there's no need to bring it along with you on your walk. But any longer than that, definitely bring it.


Lip Balm

We always have lip balm within reaching distance, so there's no way we'd ever leave the house without some—especially if we're planning on spending time outside. Hot Girl Walks absolutely call for lip balm—you've got to make sure you avoid chapped lips at all costs.

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Some people go on Hot Girl Walks and use the time to meditate and think about their live, but if you'd rather listen to some tunes, a podcast or an eBook, make sure to pack some headphones.


Sunglasses or Hat

If the sun's out while you're going on a walk, you're probably going to want to wear some sunnies or even a hat. If you think you're going to sweat, we'd suggest a hat, but if you want to snap a cute pic, bring the glasses!



Bringing a phone is yet again another super obvious "accessory," but we felt the need to include it on this list! If you're not one for watches, it keeps track of time, tells you where you're going, gives you something to listen to and helps your friends and family to track you in case of emergencies.


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Fitness Tracker

If you're going on Hot Girl Walks not only for your mental health but also for your physical health, we highly suggest getting your hands on a fitness tracker of some sort. You can go for a Fitbit, Apple Watch or really anything else that you like.

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Ankle Weights

Last but not least and totally optional are some ankle weights. We're big fans of the ones from Bala because they're cute, comfy and will take your Hot Girl Walks to the next level.


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