Hot or not? Do these Youtubers' voices steal your heart?

Time Magazine just wrote an article on what they call "Wanna-Biebers". While we're not so sure we like that title, we do want to hear from you. Do these up-and-coming musicians from Youtube have the potential steal your heart like Justin Bieber has?

1. Cody Simpson
We'll answer that question for you: Yes, yes, YES! We can't help but sing along to this Aussie's hit "iYiYi." Plus we dig his surfer style!

2. Lil Shun
First we've heard of him, but we'll take rapper T.I.'s word for it, since he signed Lil Shun to his label.

3. Jawan Harris
Hmmm…could be a winner! Jawan recently worked with Chris Brown.

4. Greyson Chance
Well, Ellen Degeneres gave him a chance by signing him to her label, so we will, too! Plus, he's already got the ins with JDB. Check out this video where the two teen sensations meet at the VMAs.