How To Hot Girl Walk This Summer

If you're on TikTok or Instagram, chances are you've seen people Hot Girl Walking all over your feed.

Whether you're looking for a fun way to stay active this summer or just want an excuse to get outdoors, Hot Girl Walking just might be for you! Not sure where to begin? We've got you covered. Continue below to find out how to Hot Girl Walk this summer.

Who Created the Hot Girl Walk?

22-year-old TikToker Mia first started the Hot Girl Walk craze and it'completely taken over on all social media platforms.

@exactlyliketheothergirls This is super vulnerable of me to post but I've been so overwhelmed with the amount of love #hotgirlwalk has gotten 💜 @skaites ♬ drivers license x ocean eyes – carneyval


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Why Should We Hot Girl Walk?

Hot Girl Walking is not only good for us physically, but also mentally! Getting outdoors and making our bodies move is so vital to mental health. Instead of staying on the couch and bingeing yet again another Netflix show, pop in your headphones, turn on a podcast, playlist or eBook and get moving.


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How Long Should We Hot Girl Walk For?

Mia suggests going for four miles, but if you want to go shorter or longer that's totally up to you! Sometimes we only have a few spare minutes, while other days you'll feel inspired to keep on going. Just listen to your body!

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Where Should We Hot Girl Walk?

Hot Girl Walks can be done virtually anywhere. You can walk in a loop around your town, find a nature-y path, go to the beach—wherever your heart desires!


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What Should We Wear On a Hot Girl Walk?

Just because it's called a Hot Girl Walk does not mean you need to get all dolled up for it—or even that you have to be a girl. Throw on some SPF, wear a hat to protect your face and put on your favorite workout set. Either wear a mini backpack or a fanny pack to keep things like your phone, water, pepper spray and SPF handy!

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