Yes, You Need Hotel Collection's Viral Scent Diffuser

Have you ever walked into a hotel and instantly been hit with a scent that rocked your world?

We know we sure have, and lucky for us, there's a way to transport that feeling and smell straight to our homes. Enter Hotel Collection. The brand is home to some of the most incredible scents in the world, like My Way (1 Hotel, Miami Beach) and Midnight in Paris (Hotel Costes, Paris), and our absolute favorite way to make our homes smell like our favorite places in the world is with Hotel Collections Studio Scent Diffuser. Just keep scrolling for everything you need to know about the viral diffuser.

How much is it?

The Studio Scent Diffuser retails for $299.95, but it's $100 off when you purchase a fragrance oil subscription.


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What does it do?

The Studio Scent Diffuser makes your home smell like a luxurious hotel with the addition of your favorite Hotel Collection scent. Our favorite has to be My Way, which is 1 Hotel, Miami Beach's signature scent.


How does it work?

The diffuser uses cold-air diffusion technology and gently disperses a fragrance oil of your choice into your living space. Plus, you can also choose the fragrance intensity.


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What colors does it come in?

It's available in black and silver.


Is it pet-safe?

Yes, it's safe for pets, children, artwork and furniture!


How much space does it cover?

The diffuser has a reach of 400 square feet.


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Is it worth it?

Absolutely! However, if it's not in your price range but you still want your home to smell like a luxury hotel, we suggest getting your hands on Hotel Collections's Reed Diffuser ($49.95).


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