House of Intuition's Sagittarius Birthday Box Is the Perfect Gift for the Explorer in Your Life

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's felt that the passage of time has been a little bit strange this year.

Working from home, going out less and skipping out on big family gatherings has made the last eight months feel like one big, amorphous mass, and the only thing keeping me knowing the day of the week is my meeting schedule at work. So when I got an email newsletter from the House of Intuition two weeks ago wishing Sagittarius a happy birthday and promoting a Sag birthday box, I had to stop and think, "Wait. I'm a Sagittarius. I don't have a birthday coming up, do I?"

Spoiler alert: I do. In fact, it seemed serendipitous to receive such a message, allowing me to get excited for the big day ahead of time, rather than having it creep up on me. I also decided to reach out to the House of Intuition, with whom I've done some fantastic spiritual healing in the past, to see if I could check out this wonderfully curated Sagittarius Birthday Box. They generously agreed, and though I've opened the box a little early, I have to say I'm feeling very lucky during my birthday week.

The Box

The House of Intuition's Sagittarius Birthday Box includes six unique items specifically selected to celebrate Sagittarius during their special time of the year. These products are all about offering harmony and focus to the adventurous and curious sign. The objects inside are valued at $92 (with the individually sold items linked below to purchase pages below), but the entire box sells for just $60.House of Intuition:Sagittarius birthday box

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The Contents

Sagittarius Birthday Candle (Valued at $22)

The Sagittarius Birthday Candle included in the box is definitely the star of the show. It's a beautiful and generously sized candle, at nearly eight inches tall and two and a half inches in diameter. Made with sustainably sourced palm wax and oils, the top half of it is a violet color, while the bottom half is white, with a crystalline appearance in the wax and a delicate incense smell. It also came topped with a small, opaque white crystal. I haven't exactly identified it yet, but I do feel a connection with it. It was part of my Sagittarius box, after all!

This definitely doesn't look like your average candle, and it's not meant to be used like one, either. There's an entire ritual practice spelled out on the back of the candle to follow, so that it's always used with intention and care. Each day, I meditate over the candle before lighting it, visualizing my desired outcome, and practice mindfulness as it burns. Though the label recommends leaving the candle burning for the three to five days it would take to go out on its own, I'm a pretty cautious person, so I've opted for the other choice listed on the back of the candle. This suggests snuffing (not blowing!) it out at the end of my daily ritual, and turning the candle on and off each day. Because my schedule is pretty regular, this has been easy, and I've felt more present and uplifted every day this has been part of my practice. Plus, I love the soft flicker of the candle, the warmth it provides and the gentle woodsy scent it adds to the air.

Because it's a sizeable candle, it is also very long-lasting. For its first use, I recommend ensuring that it burns for at least two and a half hours to prevent tunneling, but after that, you can burn it however you like. After more than 24 hours of burning, there are still six or so inches of wax to melt, and I intend to use this in my daily practices for a long time coming. Plus, while I haven't gotten there yet myself, the fully burned candle will eventually reveal a crystal supercharged with the intentions I've imbued within it during my long rituals. It's something I'll treasure when I get to it, and I seriously can't wait to see what kind of crystal it is.


House of Intuition Sagittarius birthday candle

(via House of Intuition)


White Onyx Wind Chime (Valued at $22)

While this white onyx wind chime is particularly gorgeous, it's far more than an aesthetic choice. A wind chime's twinkly, otherworldly sounds alerts you of the changing winds and puts you in touch with the spontaneous movement of nature. Perhaps that's why it's said that chimes welcome uplifting energies. White onyx crystal is also known for its properties of clearing, purification and positivity, and I'm reminded of that every time I hear the chime's jingle, charging my entire space with its high vibrational energy.

House of Intuition: White onyx wind chime

(via House of Intuition)


Palo Santo Incense Wands (Valued at $12)

While I've always loved the process of clearing stale and negative energies with cleansing smoke, I've historically only had the chance to do sage smudging. The problem? I can'stand the scent of burning sage. That's what made me so excited to try out these palo santo incense wands. While sage and palo santo serve similar purposes, palo santo is said to be better for clearing smaller spaces and the self (which is preferable to me) and also to dispel negative energies, rather than disperse all energies—another plus!

These incense wands are made with sustainably harvested palo santo wood powder, and even before they're burned have a sharp, smokey incense fragrance I adore. To clear the energy around me, I simply have to light the end of the wand and allow it to burn for a moment before blowing it out. After that, I simply place it on a fireproof surface, watching the wisps of aromatic smoke rise and cleanse the space. This process makes the room smell fantastic, and makes my mind feel clean, clear and ready to soak in good energies.

House of Intuition: Palo Santo Incense Wands

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Mandala Incense Holder (Valued at $10)

This is one beautiful incense holder. It's made of wood and has an elegantly printed colorful mandala design, with a thin hole in the center for holding up your favorite incense sticks. Mandalas represent the entirety of the universe and wholeness with oneself, which makes this design the perfect focus for meditations and other rituals.

House of Intuition: Mandala Incense Holder

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Violet Water (Valued at $12)

This four oz. bottle of Violet Water is so deliciously scented I keep finding myself wishing it were a flavor, rather than just a fragrance. On the one hand, it's tart and candy-like, while being backed by vibrant florals. This cologne is also designed to help you cleanse unwanted energies out of personally sacred spaces. The label recommends wearing it as a perfume or using it as a floor wash to cleanse stale energies out of entire rooms, but my favorite application is putting a few drops in the bath for a relaxing and cleansing soak.

House of Intuition: Violet Water

(via House of Intuition)


Sagittarius Painting by Tashina Suzuki (Valued at  $10)

The last item in the box is a Sagittarius painting by artist Tashina Suzuki, who meditated and received messages from spiritual guides to create this striking Sagittarius image. Featuring the ruling planet Jupiter, the Sagittarius constellation and the symbolic arrow of the sign, it's a beautiful embodiment of Sag—but the value of the card doesn't end there. The back of the card also features a powerful mantra about exploring the universe in search of a divine purpose, and instructions for making the most of the mantra. It's been an important part of my daily practice with the birthday candle, and I can't wait to see what the universe will bring me.


House of Intuition: Sagittarius painting by Tashina Suzuki

(via House of Intuition)


Bottom Line

House of Intuition's Sagittarius Birthday Box is an incredible gift for the Sag in your life who loves all things metaphysical. It's a great value for the price, and I've gotten a lot of use out of everything included, and will continue to do so, because they do not skimp on the goods.

I also think the box would make a particularly lovely gift for anyone who doesn't yet know a lot about intentionality, crystals and cleansing energy, but would love to learn more. The House of Intuition is so good at taking the mystery out of these practices and having easily spelled out rituals for everything they sell, allowing users to learn a lot in the process. Even the biggest skeptics can get something out of it. Afterall, who doesn't love deliciously scented candles, incense and perfume?


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