How Your Birth Order Affects Your Love Life

You may not know this, but your birth order plays a huge part in your love life.

It's true. Whether you're the oldest, middle or youngest sibling, where you stand on your family tree sheds some serious light onto how you act in relationships.

At this point, you're probably curious to find out how your birth order affects your love life. Don't dilly-dally, scroll below to find out!


As the firstborn of the family, you tend to be a leader and also somewhat of a perfectionist. You have strong opinions and expect people to adhere to your standards. You're not big on compromises—it's either your way or the highway, though the right person could convince you to meet them in the middle. That said, you're the ultimate caregiver. Being the oldest, you know a thing or two about taking care of those you love. Even though you can be a bit bossy and aggressive, you're ultimately a team player who aims to make their S.O. happy any way they know how.

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While your older sibling may not be great at compromising, being the middle child (or one of the middle children) has helped you become the ultimate peacemaker. There's no problem you can't solve, and you'll leave both parties happy while doing so. Though you may be good at talking things out, you tend to keep things from people. You often feel unseen, so you go about your merry day not really confiding in anyone. Remember that your S.O. will always be there for you, so don't feel as though you can't trust them or like they won't listen.

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The youngest siblings get a bad rap, but you're not as awful as everyone makes you out to be—especially not your older siblings. You're a fun, risk-taking charmer who knows how to get exactly what you want. After years of practicing on your parents, you've mastered the art of getting others to comply with your every demand. Your S.O. is no exception. You tend to be somewhat needy, as well. Because you received a ton of attention when you were younger, that need to have the spotlight on you never goes away. Someone who's willing to shower you in affection at all hours of the day is the one for you.

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Only Child

Similar to the youngest child, you've never had to fight for attention growing up. You were the only one your parents had to raise, so they had their eyes on you at all times. So you require lots of attention from your partner. But because your relationship with your parents is so strong, you're incredibly responsible and reliable. When your parents needed you to do something, you'd do it. If your partner needs you for anything, they can always count on you to be there.


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We bet we can guess your birth order. Take THIS quiz right now and we'll reveal if you're the oldest, middle or youngest child.