How to Deal With a Friend Who Interrupts You All the Time

No one likes a chronic interrupter.

If you've got a friend who can't seem to let you get a thought out without sharing their point of view, it's understandably incredibly frustrating. However, there are ways to deal with the situation that can potentially correct your friend's behavior without making them feel badly or get defensive.

Scroll down for some helpful pointers.

Tell Them Where You Stand

As hard as this might be for you to believe, there's a chance your friend either isn't aware that they interrupt you at all, or is clueless to the fact that you're (rightfully) bothered by it. If that's the case, start off by telling your pal how you feel. Without being overly critical, let your friend know that while you value their opinion, their interruptions make it hard for you to say what's on your mind. Chances are your friend will (at least temporarily) try to make the appropriate changes to their behavior.

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Set Expectations Upfront

If you're well aware that someone in your friend group is a chronic interrupter, go ahead and try setting your own expectations up front. For example, if you're going to delve into a long story regarding your mom bugging you about your geometry grade, preface the story by saying something like, "Bear with me, this might take a minute, but I'd love to hear your thoughts when I'm done." Not only does this work in a one-on-one setting, but it's also useful in a group setting without singling out your chatty pal.


Keep Talking

If you're in the midst of a thought when your friend interrupts, go ahead and keep talking until you've made your point. If you think it might be helpful, you can interject with something like, "Hold on one second, I'd just like to finish this thought." Chances are your friend will get the hint. When and if you decide to talk over your pal, be careful not to turn the conversation into a shouting match. Just hold your ground and your pal will likely back down.

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Let Them Know How It Feels

This may seem petty (and let's be honest, it is a little petty) but if your pal isn't getting the hint that you don't appreciate their interruptions, go ahead and turn the tables on them a bit. Next time they start a story or make a point, go ahead and interrupt. If your friend hasn't realized how aggravating that behavior is by now, a little taste of their own medicine might do the trick.


Ignore the Interruptions

If your friend just isn't getting the hint, go ahead and experiment with simply ignoring their interruptions altogether. You may come to find that it's actually not all that irritating once you just let it go. Furthermore, you may even come to find that while it's annoying, your friend's interruptions might actually be useful. Try listening to what they say and judge accordingly. In the grand scheme of things, having a friend who interrupts you isn't that big of a deal, especially if this person also supports and cares about you.

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