How to Stay Positive About Your Friendship When Your BFF Gets Into a Relationship

When your BFF gets into a relationship, it can almost feel like a death sentence for your friendship.

Just like that, there go your Saturday nights, shopping trips, lunch breaks, before-bed phone calls—ugh, everything. It's a painful situation we've all had to deal with at some point—and yes, while it certainly changes the dynamic of your situation, it doesn't necessarily mean all is lost.

If your closest pal just got into a relationship and you're feeling down about it, keep reading for some points that should help you stay positive.

1. You'll Always Have Your Inside Jokes

Regardless of your friend's new experiences with their S.O., absolutely nothing can take away from your memories and jokes with them. Even if you feel more distant than usual, you're only one chuckle away from picking up where you left off. Even if your friend fills their partner in on your past shenanigans, they'll forever belong to only you two. There are just some things their S.O. will never get to be a part of.

Serena and Blair best friends posing for a photo.

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


2. You'll Always Know Them Better (to Some Extent) Than Their S.O. Does

While yes, there are many, many things your best friend is bound to share with their S.O., there are certain aspects of their life that are literally impossible for them to ever know firsthand. Based on how long you've known your bestie, you've witnessed their super unpopular phase, you knew them when they were a tomboy, you saw them as a totally different person when they dated their ex from four years ago… you get the idea. No matter what, you two will always have a deep connection based on time.


3. You May Actually Become Friends With Their S.O.

Sure, there are plenty of times you won't befriend the people your pals are dating, but don't let jealousy-based resentment prevent you from a friendship off the bat. If the S.O. treats you disrespectfully or becomes a bad influence on your friend, then no need to pursue anything. But if you don't really know much about them, there's absolutely no harm in telling your friend you'd like to get better acquainted. If you welcome the S.O. with open arms, there's a much greater chance of spending more time with your friend. Not only will the S.O. want to be around you themself, but they'll be less annoyed if your pal wants one-on-one time with you.

Gossip Girl: Nate and Serena laughing together

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


4. This Frees Up Some of Your Energy

When we're really consumed with anything (whether that be a person, hobby, school or whatever), it takes up energy that can be put towards something else. In the moment, you've wanted to spend your energy on your best friendship, but with your pal being in a relationship now, by default you'll spend less energy on them because you'll be forced to do other things and see other people. This could open the door to taking on a new hobby, or heck, meeting a partner of your own. Don't be afraid to pull back a little and let your best friend do their own thing. Besides, spending time apart from your BFF (because of their relationship or not) is beneficial in many ways.


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