4 Unique Ways to Style Cardigans, Fall's Latest Trend

If you've been on Instagram any time within the last few weeks, you've seen cardigans blowing up your feed.

What was once considered outerwear for the elderly has made a comeback. Trust us, this is not your grandma's cardigan. The way fashionistas are styling them are on the more risqué side—think less is more.

If you like making statements through your clothing, you definitely need to give this trend a try. Below, find four unique ways to style cardigans, fall's latest trend:

1. Cropped Cardi

We love a cropped moment, especially when it comes to cardigans. Whether it's a typical long-sleeve cardi, or it has shorter sleeves, this style is very chic. You've probably worn a look similar to this before, just not with a knitted top. If you have an old cardigan that you haven't worn in ages, snag some scissors and crop it yourself for a little DIY action.

We love how Jess Cheng styles her cropped cardigan. Honestly, when are leather pants not a good idea?

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2. Peek-a-Boo Bralette

Grab your cutest bralette (or crop top) and pair it with any cardigan. For this outfit, the focal point should be your bralette, so choose one with a lace trim or a cute pattern. Only use a few of the buttons on your cardi—this ensures that everyone will be able to see your whole 'fit.

The stylists at For Love and Lemons nailed this look head-on—we're adding this to our shopping cart stat!

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3. Off-the-Shoulder

During fall, off-the-shoulder should be your go-to style when rocking a cardigan. Since it's not yet freezing like wintertime, it's the perfect opp to show a little skin. This style can be accomplished with basically any cardigan—just slouch it to one side for the ultimate laid-back, cool-girl look.

Whether you're sticking to white, ivory, cream, nude, brown, taupe or anywhere in between, neutral colors work best for this style. Since your shoulder will be exposed, you don't want a vibrant color to steal the show. Throw on some dainty necklaces and layer them up to complete the ensemble.

We like how Katie Holmes styled hers—definitely channeling her risqué side.


4. Stick to One Button

Listen up ladies—when styling your cardigan, stick with one button. It can look amazing if you do it right. Do not button just the top one, instead, opt for one in the middle or towards the bottom. If you haven't noticed by now, every single style tip we've given would look best with a cardi buttoned one time.

We Wore What's Danielle Bernstein tied all of our fave styles together. From the crop, to the single button, to the neutral color, she's rocking the cardigan of our dreams.

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