How to Ace a Flat Lay With Your iPhone, According to a Top Beauty Photographer

We all know by now that photography is key to an eviable Instagram feed, especially if you're building your influencer following or starting a brand. Or even if you're doing neither of the two, having an esthetically pleasing feed just might be your thing.

Karen Rosalie, founder and photographer of Rosalie Agency in Los Angeles, is the talent behind some of your fave Instagram flat lays for brands including KKW, Kate Somerville, Murad and MARA.

She took over MARA's IGTV to share her top secret tips on how to nail the perfect flat lay with your iPhone! Read on for how to recreate this gorgeous shot.

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Use Direct Natural Light

It goes without saying that lighting is everything, but you don't need a fancy studio set up to achieve Karen's incredible photos. All you need is direct natural light, usually best in the evening as the sun starts to set.

"It creates a beautiful light that shines through the product," she says.


Use a Good Backdrop

A good backdrop is the key to a great photo. Karen suggests neutrals with texture, like an old bed spread. "There can't be too many wrinkles, in my opinion," Karen notes.

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Use Props

Besides your help product, it's good to incorporate props to add intrigue to your photo.

Karen suggests, "Even if you don't have a ton of beauty products, you can use things like a book or magazine. When I'm picking pages for a magazine I choose things that are simple,"

It's also all about layering. "Layer your props, like a wine or crystal glass, with something bright like an Italian soda," she says. Then, slowly add in other props, but don't overpower your hero. Think about what you're shooting. You don't want it to feel crowded. Jewelry is always a great go-to.


Don't Make Focus Product Too Perfect

Karen's photographs are known for being effortless—you can literally picture yourself inside her photos. The trick here is to not make everything too perfect.

Her suggestion? "I like to keep the product at an angle [instead of straight on]."

You can watch the full IGTV with Karen Rosalie HERE.


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