How to Take the Most Instagrammable Food Pics, According to a Restaurant CEO

We all know food is just as much about the aesthetic as it is the taste.

Long gone are the days we couldn't wait to show off mom's creamy mashed potatoes dripping with gravy. Nope, now there needs to be flashy dining ware, cute garnishes and pops of color. The buttery flavor is almost secondary to whether or not the dish makes for a wow-worthy photo opp on social media.

We were immediately inspired when we dined at West Hollywood, California's Parisian-influenced Coco Queen, where characteristically mundane dishes (like chicken and potatoes, for example) are amped up with colorful edible flower petals and other decorative touches.

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Coco Queen's CEO Nathalie Dahan was kind enough to chat with us and share her tips for taking the most Instagrammable food pics. Keep reading for what she had to say!

Sweety High: Tell us about the inspiration behind Coco Queen's menu and dish presentation

Nathalie Dahan: The inspiration comes from the streets of Paris. Growing up there, in every corner there was a rotisserie machine and the yummy smell of chicken.


SH: What color combinations look best together when photographing food? Are there specific foods or garnishes that look particularly good or bad together?

ND: For the colors, I think a combination of colors looks great. Red, green, purple and yellow look especially great together. As far as garnishes go, I love edible flowers—they look amazing, as do rosemary and microgreens.

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SH: What style of plates look best on camera? Solid-colored? Printed? Shapes?

ND: Solid-colored.


SH: What are the most Instagrammable camera angles for food?

ND: In my opinion, I love when food is photographed from above.


SH: What are your tips for making a traditionally "ugly" food, such as chicken, for example, more Instagrammable?

ND: Plating for sure makes an impact. Also, adding edible flowers, as well as sauces on the side to complete the presentation. By looking at the completed presentation, you can tell these dishes were assembled with love and passion.

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SH: Is there anything else you want to add about Coco Queen or Instagram-friendly dishes?

ND: We have a fun family-style atmosphere with wonderful design, great for photos. We also play great music and have a fun selfie booth.


SH: Why did you decide West Hollywood as the perfect location for Coco Queen?

ND: I've always loved West Hollywood, and thought it would be the perfect place for the restaurant, as people are very conscious about their health and our food is very healthy.

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SH: In your opinion, how is Coco Queen different from other restaurants in L.A.?

ND: It's different because we are a French rotisserie, which means we specialize only in roast chicken with our secret recipe from more than 100 years ago, passed on from great-grandma to my grandma to my mom. We also make a great baguette, which is made from ingredients imported from France. The combination makes for a unique taste.


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