How to Achieve TikTok's Viral 'I'm Cold' Makeup

If you're on Beauty TikTok, you've probably seen tons of videos pop up on your For You page about the latest "I'm Cold" makeup trend,

Basically, it's just makeup that makes you look like a frosted snow bunny! Think tons of blush, a matte face and brightening concealer. Want to achieve the look for yourself? Here is how to achieve TikTok's viral "I'm Cold" makeup look.

Mattify the Skin

Instead of reaching for a dewy foundation like you might in the summer, "I'm Cold" makeup calls for mattified skin. Whether you opt for a foundation, skin tint or nothing at all, just make sure to set it with a translucent powder. This will keep away any unwanted shine!


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Brightening Concealer

Another step you need to take to achieve the "I'm Cold" makeup look is to apply brightening concealer. Here, you will apply the smallest amount on your under-eye area, which is meant to—you guessed it—brighten the skin. This will make you look alive and is a step you definitely shouldn't skip.


Natural Eyebrows

Instead of opting for soap brows or brows that are overly filled in, "I'm Cold" makeup calls for natural-looking eyebrows. For this, we suggest running a clear gel through your brows and filling in any gaps with a pencil. Keep your strokes minimal!

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Shimmer Eyeshadow

A fun, albeit unnecessary, step to achieving "I'm Cold" makeup is to put on a little bit of shimmery eyeshadow. Less is more, in this instance, and we suggest going for a sheer shimmer. Go for your lids as well as the inner corners.


Layered Blush

Perhaps the most important step to achieving "I'm Cold" makeup is to apply layered blush. Think of what your cheeks and nose look like when you're actually cold—they likely turn a reddish-pink hue, right? Go for blush hues like red, burnt orange and pink and layer them together. You'll want to apply it in all of the spots you might get "chapped" skin, like the apples of your cheeks, tips of your nose and maybe even your Cupid's Bow. It's up to you! Just make sure to layer on at least two shades to create one that's unique to you.


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Natural Lips

The final step to achieving "I'm Cold" makeup is to apply lipstick that's very close to the natural color of your lips. It doesn't need to be an exact match—in fact—you can go a bit darker if you want! Feel free to overline your lips a little bit if you want, too.


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