The Best Ways to Act on Social Media After a Breakup

Breakups have always been a pitfall of life—but in recent times, social media has added a whole new terrible layer to our existence.

Unsure about how to act online after the demise of your relationship? These tips will help you navigate that uncertain territory.


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Don't Increase Your Posting Frequency

The first common mistake is increasing your posting frequency so people (and your ex!) see how amazing your life is now. Don't do that… ever. Trust us. Any increase will be perceived as a call for attention, and that is the last thing a person as self-aware as you needs. Keep your same cadence and you'll thank us later.


Do Continue to Tag Your Mutual Friends

If you do want your ex to secretly see how fantastic you're doing, your best allies will be your mutual friends. Continue to tag, comment and like their profiles like you normally would. Don't shy away from interacting with them because you and your ex have called it quits. In fact, this is one area in which you can increase your activity!


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Don't Unfollow Your Ex-S.O.'s Whole Crew

If you want to look petty in a flash (which you don't!), unfollow their family, friends and schoolmates. If you want to look mature (and you do!), keep those accounts, but simply don't interact with them as much. Heck, you now have the option to mute them, so if that's what you need to do to avoid accidentally seeing what your ex is up to, then go to town.

Unfollowing, however, presents a few sets of problems. First, if you get back with your S.O., you have to embarrassingly re-follow these accounts. Breakups are just as common as getting back together, and unfollowing your ex's friends can cause severe embarrassment down the line. Secondly, unfollowing will make everybody in your ex's life consider you petty, causing them to validate his/her negative assumptions about you. Don't fall prey to this common mistake—keeping those accounts on your following list will prevent many headaches down the line.

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