6 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong When Applying Perfume

Applying perfume is easy… or is it?

If you're anything like us, perfume is usually the last thing you spritz on in a hurry as you're running out the door—but did you know there's a correct way to apply perfume to ensure you keep smelling like your fragrance of choice all day long?

While the actual steps are quite simple, placement, perfume storage and technique play major factors in how long your perfume lasts. Follow these tips to keep your scent in check all day long.

1. Don't Spritz on Totally Dry Skin

There's a reason why most perfumes also sell an accompanying lotion in the same fragrance—perfumes work best on moist skin. Applying perfume directly to dry skin is a surefire way to kill your scent fast. Fragrance doesn't last long on dry skin because it doesn't absorb as well. Instead, apply an unscented moisturizer, a few dabs of face oil or lotion in the same scent first, then spritz on your perfume.

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2. Spray in the Right Spots

Spraying in the right spot is key for maximum all-day freshness. Focus on the exposed pulse points (behind the ears, wrists, inside the elbows, breastbone and behind the knees). For example, if you're wearing a long sleeve V-neck top and a miniskirt, you'll want to apply behind the ears, wrists and behind the knees.


3. Spray, Don't Rub

Spritz, spritz, rub… right? Wrong. This almost subconscious application habit is no bueno for your yummy-smelling perfume. Rubbing your wrists together creates heat in the skin, which activates enzymes that break down and change the notes in the fragrance. To ensure your scent smells the way you want, spritz and then let it dry.

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4. Lightly Mist Your Clothes

If you're all bundled up or in a really hot climate, misting your clothes is the next best option. As your body heats up, it can actually break down the fragrance quicker, so spraying on your outwear during the winter and summer is your best bet for scent longevity throughout the day.


5. Avoid Your Hair

Even though your hair can retain scent like a total pro, body perfumes can be super drying on your locks when they're formulated with alcohol. Unless you're using a natural or nontoxic fragrance, skip spraying your strands altogether and opt for a hair fragrance like Gisou instead.

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6. Store Your Perfume Properly

Perfumes are vulnerable to environmental changes and can go rancid very quickly. They like to be cool and out of direct sunlight, so a steaming hot bathroom or sitting pretty on your vanity in direct sunlight are sadly not the optimal homes for your scents. Places that don't get a ton of sunlight, like a bedroom nightstand, are the best place to house your aromas. This ensures that when you do wear them, you're getting the full body of the scent.


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