How to Apply the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

On the rare occasion that we do get an amazing wing when doing our makeup, we somehow manage to screw up the other eye!

If you want to make the perfect winged eyeliner but don't even know where to begin, don't worry, you are not alone. Getting a beautiful and seamless winged liner doesn't need to be rocket science! Continue below for our step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect winged eyeliner.

1. Apply Eyeshadow

This step is optional, but if you're willing to take the time to do a wing, we're thinking you will also want to make a killer eyeshadow look. Whether you go for a smokey look, incorporate neons or do a simple, everyday type of look, put eyeshadow on before you begin to work on the wing.


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2. Grab an Eyeliner Pencil

The type of eyeliner pencil you use is super important, and there are all sorts to choose from. Whether it's kohl, gel, liquid, or a simple pencil is entirely up to you. You can even use an angled brush—but that's a completely different strategy!


3. Draw an Extended Line on the Outer Corner

Now onto the fun part—actually drawing out the wing. We've been using this method thanks to Mikayla Nogueira's advice, and we've never been disappointed. From the outer corner of your eye, draw a thin, extended line going outwards. Start out thin (don't worry, we're coming back to it later) so that you can be as precise as possible.


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4. Draw a Line on the Inner Corner

Next, take your eyeliner pencil and draw a thin line on the inner corner of your eye, as close to your lash line as possible. This only needs to be about half an inch (or less) across.


5. Draw a Line In the Middle

Then, head to the middle of your eye and draw another thin line. This time, it doesn't need to be super close to your lash line. This is going to be the point of your eyeliner that is the highest, so don't go too high or you will have raccoon-looking eyes!

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6. Connect the Lines

At this point, you might be looking a little bit wild with three lines etched on your face, but now comes the fun part—you get to connect the lines! From the inner to the middle, connect the lines and get the product as close to your lash line as possible, keeping it clean and straight. Then go from the top of the outer to the middle line, and fill the space in between. And voila—you've officially created the perfect eyeliner wing!


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