How to Ask Out Your Crush, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Asking your crush out can be scary and intimidating.

With rejection looming in the air, you have to make sure you play your cards right. That's where astrology comes to your rescue.

Based on your crush's zodiac sign, we've come up with the perfect way to ask them out that guarantees they'll say yes. After you figure out their sign, scroll below to find out how to (hopefully) score that date!

Aries (March 20 – April 19): Just Do It

Your Aries crush is a very confident and bold person, so they appreciate that in a partner. When it comes to asking them out, the best way is to fearlessly waltz right up to them and do it. Rather than beat around the bush or try to drop obvious hints, tell them that you want to take them on a date. They'll appreciate how self-assured you are. And even if you're terrified, just fake it till you make it. As long as you believe in yourself, they won't know you're secretly shaking in your boots.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Take Them to a Fancy Dinner

Persistent and determined, your Taurus crush is one hard worker. They'll do whatever they need to in order to get the job done. While they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, they're really drawn to the more materialistic pleasures of the world. To say they're fancy would be an understatement. So if you really want them to say yes to a date with you, make reservations at one of the most extravagant restaurants in town. They'll be so excited, they won't turn you down.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Plan Something Spontaneous

Being a Gemini, your crush is fairly fickle. One day they're hot, the next they're cold. You can never really be too sure which side of their personality you're going to deal with on any given day, which is why planning isn't the way to go. To ask them out, do it spontaneously. See if they'll go with you to a movie that night or ask them out to coffee that same day. However you choose to do it, just make sure it's a then and there type of situation.

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Write a Sweet Note

Your Cancer crush probably feels like a tough nut to crack, don't they? Though they act all rough and tumble, they're really very sensitive creatures deep down. They're even more romantic than they'd ever be willing to admit, so we'll do it for them. The way to win a Cancer over is with a simple and sweet gesture, such as asking them out with a love note of sorts. Hey, it worked for Lara Jean in To All the Boys I've Loved Before, so it could definitely work out for you.


Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22): Tell Them When and Where to Show Up

Showy and proud, your Leo crush appreciates being treated like royalty. They know their status and won't let anyone treat them like some sort of peasant, so don't be that person. Instead, plan a lavish get-together and just tell them to show up. You putting in all this effort to show them how much you care will really let them know you have a deep appreciation for them. Just be sure you don't come off too bossy, because there can only be one boss in the relationship, and it's definitely your Leo crush.


Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): Send Them a Casual Text

Analytical and practical, your Virgo crush will always play by the book. They're not ones to act impulsively, generally needing a few days to decide what to do—so, give them that option. Rather than asking them out in person, shoot them a very casual text. They won't respond right away, because that's not how a Virgo does it, but they will respond on their own time. They'll appreciate that you took a lot of pressure off them by doing it over text, too.

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Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22): Get Their Friends to Help

Libra is a very, very, very social sign. Your crush is probably friends with just about everyone in school, because they're so personable and charismatic. Plus, they love making friends. If you want them to say yes to going out with you, be sure to get their closest friends involved. Anyone their friends approve of is someone they can't turn down. Maybe plan some sort of scavenger hunt or get their friends to put in a good word for you. Who knows? Maybe they'll end up asking you out.


Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21): Let Them Make the First Move

There's no sign more mysterious and alluring than a Scorpio. This makes them all the more difficult to figure out, but that's exactly what they enjoy doing. They appreciate knowing they're an enigma wrapped in a riddle, so don't even bother trying to get to what's hidden below the surface; that'll just scare them off. Instead, try to get them to make the first move. If you act as though you're uninterested or don't care about their secretive nature, they'll think they need to impress you. Next thing you know, you two will have a first date all planned out.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21): Invite Them on a Trip

A Sagittarius is adventurous as they come. You've probably noticed from stalking your crush's Instagram (hey, we're not judging) that they're always jet-setting from one trip to the next. It's a wonder they're even ever in school. Clearly, the only way to ask them out is by seeing if they'll go on a trip with you. Obviously, you don't need to book some lavish vacation for two in the tropics, because who has the time or money for that? Instead, invite them along on your next family vacation or even see if they'd be down to go camping one weekend with friends. Being in a group setting will also take the pressure off it being a serious date, which is something a Sagittarius will appreciate.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): Schedule Something They Like Far in Advance

The parent of the zodiac, your Capricorn crush is an incredibly responsible person. Filled to the brim with self-control and discipline, they're the type to always stick to a schedule. This is why if you're to ask them out, you need to do it well in advance. Not to mention, it has to be something they're actually willing to pencil you in for. This means taking the time to figure out what they really like to do in their very limited free time. Once you discover what that is, the date will practically plan itself.


Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): Volunteer Together

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac signs. There's nothing they enjoy more than helping people and making this world a better place. You might not have known this, seeing as they're also pretty private people, but we know it to be true. Anyway, ask your Aquarius crush out on a date that involves volunteering. They're guaranteed to say yes, even if they're not entirely sure how they feel about you. After they see how kind-hearted and generous you are, they'll definitely fall for you.


Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 19): Do Some Grand, Romantic Gesture

A sweet and caring sign, Pisces are true hopeless romantics. They're the type to cry during every rom-com, no matter how many times they've seen it. When it comes to asking them out, you better plan some elaborate, romantic gesture, or you shouldn't ask them at all. You might need to participate in some sort of flash mob number or hold up a boombox outside of their house. Yeah, we're dead serious about this. If you're stuck on inspiration, just turn to their favorite rom-com for guidance.

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Now that you know the best way to ask your crush out, HERE are some extra tips that'll help you actually go through with it.