How to Ask Your Crush to a School Dance

If you've ever watched just about any Disney classic, Prince Charming always manages to swoop in to save the day, and the prince and princess live happily ever after.

But IRL, sometimes the princess has to make the first move—even when it comes to asking her crush to the school dance. We get it, talking to your crush is hard enough, so asking them to the dance might sound impossible.

That said, we've brainstormed a few ways to make your life a little easier. See what they are below:

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Pass a Note

You've seen this tactic in countless movies, and for good reason. A good 'ol note pass is a an easy way to make it cute and not worry about stuttering or getting nervous. But instead of doing a basic note, up the ante by making it more personal and even cheesy-cute. Are they into sports? Tape a note on the ball of their sport with the note. "Will you go to the dance with me? We'll have a ball." If dorky isn't your vibe,  keep it more lowkey and slip a note into their locker or pass it to them if you share a class.


Woo Them With Food

It's no secret that a way to anyone's heart is through their stomach, so use this to your advantage! Find out your crush's fave food—when in doubt, use pizza—and treat them to their ideal lunch. Inside the bag/box/wrapper, write, "Will you go to the dance with me?" Easy as pie, and they get free lunch out of it!

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Create a Snapchat Filter

Okay, this one requires a little bit of planning and a little bit of cash, but if you're up for it, a custom Snapchat Geofilter is a super cute way to ask your crush. It costs about $5 for 20,000 square feet, so it won't break the bank. Create a custom Geofilter for your house that says something like, "Will you go to the school dance with me?" Then you can shoot them a private Snapchat, using your most flattering filter of course, of you looking super cute.


Keep It Simple

People can get so over-the-top asking people to dances that the build-up to pop the question can basically give you a heart-attack. Talk about pressure! Kick that anxiety to the curb by keeping things super simple and just… asking. You'll get to talk to your crush, make eye-contact, and hey, it could even jumpstart a relationship. Sometimes the simple things pack the most punch.


Get Creative With Candy

Posters are a standard way to ask someone to the dance, but you can totally kick this up a notch by using candy and gum in place of words! It shows off your creativity, and your crush gets a sweet snack out of it. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!


Tag Them in a Meme

Everyone knows that the closer you are with someone, the more memes you send and tag each other in. Create this intimacy with your crush early on by tagging them in a meme or photo that refers to asking someone to a school dance or even something super funny, and tag them with the caption "would you go with me if I asked you like this?" This starts the dialogue and you can then ask them from there.


Double Date

What's better than going to a school dance with your crush? If your bestie and your crush's bestie go together too! If your BFF is up for it, team up and ask them together. This takes a ton of the pressure off and they're more likely to say yes because their buddy will be by their side.

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A Text Is an OK Backup Plan

Sure, asking in person is better. But if you can't seem to muster up the courage, a text can totally suffice. Just make sure to connect with them the next morning at school so they don't feel like you were playing a prank on them.


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