10 Ways to Be (and Stay) Creative

Feel like you're lacking creativity lately?

If it feels like you've been having a block in the creativity department, it might just be a matter of getting those creative juices flowing again. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for 10 of the best ideas to help you be (and stay) creative—and try implementing at least one of them in the next few days.

1. Write Freely

Freely writing down your thoughts early in the morning, when you first wake up, will jump-start your creativity. The early morning is a great time to come up with great and original ideas, solutions and reminders. Consider putting a notepad on your bedside table as a little reminder for yourself to do this daily, and you'll be surprised at what you can come up with.

Being able to freely write helps with creativity
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2. Keep an Idea Journal

Journaling is special because you allows you to look back on what you wrote years ago. It allows you to be as carefree as you want. You have the freedom to make lists, write stories or doodle within your notepad. When ideas spark, quickly write them down when they're still fresh in your mind. Even if you are out and about and think of something, go to your Notes app and jot down a few ideas, so they don't get lost in the ether.


3. Use Sticky Notes

Using sticky notes is super helpful because you can rearrange them and make them flow with your idea processing. Sticky notes can keep you organized. The endless amount of colors they come in will also spark some creative inspiration, or allow you to color-code. The colors alone will keep you creative and allow your ideas to flow and fit whatever you have planned.

Use sticky notes to stay creative

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4. Set Reminders on Your Phone

Setting reminders on your phone is a great way to stay creative. You can make a bunch of reminders to alert you on different days. Daily words of encouragement or even daily reminders about tasks you have to get done can be highly beneficial for your creativity.


5. Move

Whatever it is you like to do, exercise gets your blood pumping. The increased blood flow can also positively impact your creativity. Fresh air and natural surroundings will surely inspire you, so get moving, and once you're home, see if you can get the ideas flowing, too.

Keep your creativity flowing by exercising

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6. Finish Something

Clear your mind of unfinished business by completing something you have already started. Letting go of past stress will allow your mind to focus on your creativity rather than be stressed out about something you have to finish, so tie up that to-do list and start putting your thoughts on something fun and creative.


7. Experiment

It's a great idea to experiment with new things. Trying something new is healthy for you. You can start off small, too, whether you browse a new bookstore, paint outside, organize your space, try a new coffee spot or add color to a project. Whatever you do, it's often a great idea to get outside your comfort zone. Listen to your gut and go for something you haven't done before. Your best work may spring up out of a hunch. Give it a shot, and you can always alter things later.

Experimenting is okay

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8. Meet New People

Meeting new people can inspire your creativity in different ways. Talking to someone you have never met before may open your mind to new ways of thinking, problem-solving or creating. Also, the creative energy of other artists can fuel the atmosphere and produce a conducive environment for extraordinary ideas to flow. Collaboration can also creative powerful results.


9. Create Vision Boards

Creating visuals of your ideas can allow you to take a step back and think about what you like and don't. You can meditate on the idea and change as you find necessary. Put it somewhere where you can see it and let it inspire you. You can do this for a project you have, or even for something as simple as goals you have for yourself.

create a vision board to inspire creativity

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10. Ask 'What If'

Allowing yourself to imagine is a great way to stay creative. Allow free thoughts to come to you. Focus on removing barriers and consider how everything would turn out if you asked, "What if," instead of worrying about what would happen if things didn't work out.


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