Boredom Is Good for You—Here's How to Embrace It

Boredom has always had a bad rap.

Bored girl sitting among a stack of books

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Can anyone really enjoy that dissatisfied, impatient feeling you get when you're understimulated? We didn't think so, until we spoke to Dr. Teresa Belton, author of Happier People Healthier Planet.

Dr. Belton radically changed the way we think about boredom. According to her, boredom can be a great thing if you let it be.

It allows us to reflect on our feelings, to try something new, to enjoy things without distraction and to be creative.

So why not give it a try? Be bored! Follow these five simple tips on how to be bored, and learn to "switch off, slow down and recharge your mental battery" as Dr. Belton suggests!

1. Create Regular Screen-Free Time

Without your phone, tablet, laptop etc. glued to you, you will give yourself space to be bored. Dr. Belton suggests you put electronics out of reach for at least an hour a day. Can you do it?

"It's really useful to learn how not to be completely dependent on personal technology for keeping the mind occupied," she said.

Power those devices off!

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2. Try Having Quiet You Time

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to have some quiet time. Challenge yourself to stay still, on your own and in one place, for at least an hour a week.

You can try having quiet time in different places, maybe near a window, under a tree or even in your bed. Don't be afraid to see where your mind wanders during that time.

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3. Try Having Quiet, Tech-Free Time With Your Friends

If you can be still with yourself, you should be able to be still with your friends!

Dr. Belton advises that you and your friends find a place to hang out where there is no "ready-made entertainment."

You should all turn off your tech devices and enjoy talking and inventing your own activities. You may learn more about each other when you're talking, creating and working together.

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4. Find a Simple but Time-Consuming Job

Does your mom need help organizing something in the house? Take on a household job and see if there are ways to make it more interesting. Can a seemingly boring situation transform into entertainment with time? Give it a try!

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5. Challenge Yourself to Be Creative

Sometimes it's hard to be creative with limited supplies. Take simple materials like paper, pens and scissors and give yourself an hour to create as many original pieces of art as possible. This repetitive task might be exactly what you need to clear your mind.

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Zoning out and getting comfortable being still with yourself may be just what you need! Get in the groove of having quiet time by whipping up a few DIYs. Why not try THIS mason jar terrarium to start?