10 Tips on How To Become TikTok's 'That Girl'

If you're on TikTok, chances are you've come across videos of "That Girl."

So, who is That Girl and why does everyone want to be her? Basically, That Girl has her life together, always rocks a no-makeup makeup look and wakes up at the crack of dawn to start her day. Feel like becoming her? Look below for our 10 tips on how to be like TikTok's That Girl.

1. Drink Tons of Water (Extra Points If You Add Fresh Fruit)

That Girl can always be seen with a water bottle in hand. She tends to go for glass water bottles that you can see through, and always seems to fill it up with water and some sort of fresh fruit. From strawberries to watermelon, lemon, lime and even cucumber, adding fresh fruit to her water is such a That Girl thing to do.


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2. Wake Up Before 7 am

Waking up past 7 am is sleeping in for That Girl. She almost always wakes up before 7 am and has a super productive morning. From meditating to working out and cooking breakfast, the wee hours of the morning are always very busy for That Girl.


3. Journal Every Day

Journaling isn't for everyone, but it'definitely for That Girl. In her journal, she'll write about things she's thankful for as well as daily affirmations. She does this every single day, typically in the mornings while enjoying a fresh cup of matcha.


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4. Drink Matcha Lattes

Speaking of matcha, That Girl has a deep love for matcha lattes. She makes it every single morning—hot when it's cold outside and iced when the weather is more forgiving.


5. Wear Matching Workout Sets

Instead of showing up to a workout class in an old T-shirt and baggy sweats, That Girl likes to rock matching workout sets, and if she had to choose between black or a bright color, she'd go for the bright color every single time.

that girl alo matching workout set pink

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6. Read Something Every Day

Keeping her brain active at all times, That Girl always sets aside at least 10 minutes every day to read, but let's be honest, she usually reads for much longer than that. She's into classic romance novels and books about bettering herself.


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7. Move Your Body Every Day

That Girl makes it a priority to move her body each and every day. She can't always make it to a workout class, but she will find time to go on a little walk or do some light stretching in her living room. As long as she's "moved," she's happy.


8. Make Your Bed

You will never walk into That Girl's bedroom and find it in disarray. In addition to the cleanliness she always seems to be on top of, her bed is made. From the second she wakes up (which only requires one alarm,) she pops out of bed and instantly makes it.


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9. Be Nice

That Girl always tries to include those around her and is nice to everyone she meets. Even if someone is rude to her, That Girl will always take the high road and kill them with kindness.

that girl aesthetic claw clip

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10. Know That 'That Girl' Is Whoever You Want Her To Be

Last but not least, That Girl isn't trying to be That Girl. She's busy being her own, individual person! This list is made up of the qualities we typically see in That Girl, but you should by no means alter your life for it.


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