How to Become Your Best Self Over Summer Vacation

There's nothing quite like a glow-up, and there's really no better time to have one of your own than over summer vacation.

After all, it's the longest period of time you'll have away from consistent contact with your peers, and it's a long enough amount of time to really put in some effort to invest in yourself. So, if you've been trying to manifest a makeover that has you walking into your school on the first day of the fall semester the way Maddy walks into every room at "Euphoria High," we've got your guidebook right here. Check out the following tips on how to become your best self over summer vacation.

1. Work on Your Confidence

Ready to become "that girl?" Guess what—it all starts with confidence. Feeling confident in yourself is the key to owning any room you walk into. Confident people simply attract good things, from positive attention to job opportunities and more. And while the saying "be more confident" is undoubtedly a lot easier said than done, it is possible with a little bit of work. And believe it or not, that work starts with simply not caring. Try to put the people-pleasing tendencies aside and adopt some positive affirmations instead—you'd be surprised at how confident you feel after a whole summer break of giving it a go.


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2. Get Real About Your Health/Overall Wellness

While glow-ups aren't just about becoming your best physical self, prioritizing your health and wellbeing goes a long way in becoming your best overall self. After all, you can't really feel like you're ready to take on the world when you're sleep-deprived and fueling your body with all the wrong things (looking at you, sugary soda stans). Over summer, try out some healthy habits that you'll actually end up enjoying and making a part of your routine well past the summer. Need some ideas? Try cooking healthy meals at home (you can enlist your friends to make it more fun) or signing up for workout classes at your local gym until you find one that you like.


3. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

What you're wearing can actually affect your mood and the way you act. It's why so many workplaces have professional dress codes—it makes you act the part when you dress the part! So, to become your best self, think about what the best version of you would wear (but, you know, make sure it's school dress code appropriate). If it doesn't look exactly like the things you see in your actual closet at home, it may be time to invest in an upgrade. Don't worry your wallet just yet, though, as you don't necessarily have to drop a ton of cash on those back-to-school looks! Try repurposing some things you already own, adding in some outfit-making accessories or just raiding your local thrift store for some new fits that are worthy of the entrance you're ready to make down the halls this fall.



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4. Surround Yourself With Things & People That Make You Happy

Spring isn't the only time to do a bit of a life cleanup. Take a long, hard look at the things and people you surround yourself with, then channel your inner Marie Kondo and get to work sweeping out anything (or anyone) that doesn't "bring you joy." Okay, well not anything—pretty sure most of us would sweep away things like doing chores and homework if we could—but the things that you really get a choice about having around you. Are any of your friends secretly toxic? It may be time to think twice about your next hangout with them. Do you actually enjoy your summer/after-school activities, or do you only do them because your mom signed you up and makes you feel guilty every time you mention quitting? Take a look at the things you do and are around on the regular, and clear out any that aren't helpful for the better version of you that you're trying to become. Instead, surround yourself with healthy hobbies and people that bring you up rather than down.


And if you need a little extra help, we've got your back. Just click HERE for tips on making your dream glow-up a reality.