How to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

Just because we're dealing with Covid-19 and quarantine doesn't mean Halloween has to be canceled!

In fact, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday from the comfort of your own home. If you're anything like us and love any opportunity to get dressed up, fret not, because costumes are still v necessary.

Not sure what to do this Halloween? Keep reading for all of our ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in 2020.

Throw a Virtual Costume Contest

We think this is the best time to go all out when it comes to costumes. Whether you do some crazy makeup, wear fake blood or rock a full-on princess gown, just make sure it's good enough to win a virtual costume contest! Invite all your friends for a Zoom party and show off your costumes for a night you won't forget. We love the idea of going all out in something like this adorable cotton candy dress from Tipsy Elves! Included in the set is the dress itself, an adorable headband and a stick of cotton candy.

tipsy elves cotton candy dress halloween

(via Tipsy Elves)


Have a Scary Movie Marathon

With so many platforms to choose from these days, there is no shortage of movies to choose from. This Halloween, we think a scary movie marathon would be super fun. Whether you go all out and have a movie screening outside under the stars or you watch from the comfort of your couch, all you need is candy and popcorn!


Paint Aesthetically Pleasing Pumpkins

When it comes to carving or painting pumpkins, we get that it's fun, but it's not super cute. That's why we turned to our fave influencer Sivan Ayla Richards for some inspo. Her DIY pumpkins are aesthetically pleasing and they aren't too hard to make! All you need are some neutral shades of paint and a dainty hand.

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Bake All Your Favorite Fall Treats

When fall rolls around, you just know your pants are going to feel a bit tighter! With so many delicious treats, it's hard to say no. When it comes to finding the perfect fall recipe, we always turn to Half Baked Harvest. She has some of the most incredible recipes that anyone can make. We definitely plan on baking these mini apple cider cakes. Yum.


Make a Spooky Board

Not sure what a spooky board is? Think of a charcuterie board, but better. Instead of meat, cheese, fruits and the works, a spooky board is all about candy. Pick up your favorite Halloween candies, cookies and more to create the ultimate platter. And, if you want to kick it up a notch, throw in some fake eyeballs and spiders for a spooky vibe.

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