7 Tips for Celebrating Your S.O.'s Birthday During Quarantine

Since we've been in quarantine for what feels like years at this point, chances are, you've had to celebrate certain holidays, parties, graduations and birthdays while stuck inside.

If you happen to be dating someone whose birthday falls during this time, we're willing to bet you're having a minor freakout. Seeing that we can't physically be with a lot of our friends, you'll have to plan a celebration around just a few people. They'll probably include your S.O., their family and perhaps a friend or two. Need some help and inspiration?

Keep reading for our seven tips to celebrating your S.O.'s birthday during quarantine:

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1. Decorate Their House

Head over to their house when they're asleep or not at home so that when they wake up or return, they come back to beautiful decor! We love the idea of blowing up a bunch of balloons and hanging them on the door to get in their house or on their car. You can even create a handmade banner that says happy birthday. It'd make a great backdrop for photos.

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2. Make Them a Scrapbook

Print out your favorite pictures of the two of you together and gather any other small items you've collected throughout your relationship. Some of these items might include movie tickets, concert passes, love letters or really anything else. Make the scrapbook as genuine as possible. They'll appreciate the time and effort you took into making them such a thoughtful gift.


3. Set Up a Drive-By Party

Since your S.O. is probably missing their friends, their birthday is the perfect excuse to bring everyone together, while social distancing, of course. Set up a time slot for all of their friends to drive by, and have them decorate their cars, play music and bring presents. If you're willing, you can even all hang out while maintaining social distancing—just make sure to set up six-foot markers!


4. Set Up a Backyard Social Distance Picnic

Nothing says "I love you" like a thoughtful picnic. In order to make this dreamy, we recommend collecting blankets and rugs of all shapes, sizes and colors. In addition, grab pillows to sit on and create a makeshift table out of anything you have laying around. You have all sorts of options when it comes to food. You can do something like a charcuterie board, or even stack up the table with fries, chicken nuggets and the like!

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5. Put Together a Home Video

Contact your S.O.'s closest friends and family and put together a home video. Have each person record themselves wishing your partner a happy birthday. You can have them mention their favorite memory, something they love about them, or anything else so there's a theme of sorts. Put it all together on iMovie or an app to create the finished product.


6. Create a Scavenger Hunt

We think it would be fun to make a scavenger hunt for your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be something as simple as sticky notes with hints. Each one should lead them to another place to look for the next hint, and make sure to include a little gift with each one, even if it's just a cute photo of the two of you! Have the final step of the scavenger hunt end with your main gift to your partner.


7. Bake Them a Layered Cake

We know it might seem intimidating, but baking a layered cake really isn't all too hard. While you can of course opt for a sheet pan and smother it in frosting, there's just something about layers that elevates a cake. Layers make it look like you spent days perfecting the cake! If you want to go wild, add a layer of different colored frosting in between the cake layers, themselves. Just use a bit of food coloring.

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