How to Convince Your Parents to Up Your Allowance

They say more money, more problems—but no money can really put a damper on your social life!

If you feel deserving of a few extra dollars in your bank account each week, here's how to convince your parents to up your allowance:


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Track Your Spending for a Month

Take note of how much money you receive every week, and also track where it goes. Be mindful with your moola during the period that you're tracking. Skip out on fancy lattes, and instead spend on hobby supplies, digital books and other items your parents typically encourage you to buy. Save all receipts and use the scan option on your phone's notes app to keep them organized. This will become helpful in the next step.


Learn to Use a Spreadsheet

If you really want to impress the parentals, put together an organized spreadsheet. Make sure the spending snapshot you present your parents is full of smart purchases. The last thing you want is them to realize you aren't spending your money wisely. Once your purchases are tracked, observe how much you spend vs. how much you currently receive.  Attach receipts to the spreadsheet email when you send it to them, as this will show you're being very organized and conscious with your money. Let them know in the email body that you want to meet with them to discuss your spending.


Prepare Your Argument

Once your spreadsheet and receipts attachment is complete, start thinking about your parental pitch. Are your parents constantly urging you to take up soccer but your spreadsheet shows you can't afford the gear? Does your dad always bother you about working out but you can't afford a gym membership with your current allowance? Think about the goals your parents want you to reach, and try to find ways to allocate the allowance bump towards them.
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Ask Your Parents for a Face-to-Face Talk

IRL conversations have gone to the wayside in the digital age, but this is one face-to-face discussion you'll want to have. Find a free moment in their schedule and ask them to block it off for you. Sit them down with your spreadsheet and deliver your smart, thought-out argument. Explain that you understand money doesn't grow on trees, but that you've given this much thought and you'd like to respectfully request an allowance bump. Watch their faces beam with pride and hopefully they grant you your wish!

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